Can 1MB files be sent as whole w/o zippping?

  Revi 12:45 15 May 2003

I have got a website done by a professional Company. I have been offered a 25 MB space in their server. But when I tried to send a file which was as big as 2.80 MB it would not go. When contacted, the Company informed me that I could receive a total quantity of Emails worth 25 MB in my account but while issuing I cannot send out a file bigger than 1 MB. They say that in the internet world it is extremely unusual to send files bigger than 1 MB and if someone wishes to do so, he has to break them into components of less than 1 MB and send. I would like to know if it is really so or am I simply being made a fool of?

  MartinT-B 13:08 15 May 2003

I send emails much bigger than that.

My max is about 35MB (a Zipped program) to Germany, from my home PC - Blueyonder BB

Work is BT Anytime for Business (isdn) max sent is 15MB (Jpegs - unzipped) which took 50 mins to send!!

  stlucia 13:08 15 May 2003

It may be that emails themselves are generally not bigger than 1mb, but their attachments can be. The comment that "in the internet world it is extremely unusual to send files bigger than 1 MB" is extremely suspect -- many (most?) downloads from web sites are much greater than 1mb.

  fitshase 13:09 15 May 2003

I think that a lot of people (me included) regularly send e-mails in excess of 1MB. In my previous job I used to get large CAD files and high quality photos e-mailed to me and I used to send e-mails of similar type - sometimes in excess of 10MB.

I think the best thing to do, since you have webspace, is to upload the large files on to your webspace and then e-mail a link to the person you want to send the files to and invite them to download the file from your webspace at their convenience.

I also think that you should look elsewhere for web hosting if you are going to be sending large e-mails on a regular basis.



its going to depend on your ISP and the contract you made. free hosts like Hotmail aimed at home users have a 1mb limit. if you intend to do this often you will probably have to spend some extra shillings the Workaround that REVI suggests seems like the most sensible option.

  Pesala 15:40 15 May 2003

This has distinct advantages in some situations.

1) You can warn the recepient that the file is large, so they can choose to download when they are not busy.

2) If you want to send it to several people, you only need to upload it once.

3) The maximum size is not limited to 1 Mbyte

Of course, you may soon have to delete it to make space, but you can warn the recepients to download it within a set time.

1 Mbyte used to be large for attachments, though that is no longer the case. Downloads are another matter, and have always been bigger.

I use free email at and have never yet had problems with a full mail-box or limit on attachments.

  Patr100 16:08 15 May 2003

For most 56k users with their free web based or ISP pop3 I would have thought 1mb is pretty much the acceptable limit. The sender may be able to attach more but the receiver may have limitations which do not apply to you . For example , a 2mb package arriving in a Hotmail inbox would lock up their account until they were able to clear it somehow.

As said , using FTP to a web space would be the best way of uploading large files for reference later.

  fitshase 17:51 15 May 2003

I have just contacted my ISP (Blueyonder) to see what their limit is. This is what they said:-

"The size of each of a customers 5 mailboxes is 30 meg this would suggest you can send and receive a 30 meg email however an emails headers will make up a percentage of its size so this is not strictly true. Regarding sending emails the size of the recipients mailbox must be taken into account. Hotmail accounts, for example, only give an Inbox size of a couple of megs (for the basic service).

As a general rule large files over 3 or 4 meg should really be uploaded to a Website via FTP and then downloaded."

Hope this helps



  Revi 19:13 15 May 2003

Thanks guys for all the help you have given me. Now I know where I stand.

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