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  steve263000 08:25 21 Mar 2007

I have recently purchased a Logitech QuickCam for my PC. The installation was quick and easy and all was fine until I tried to record some trial video. The picture is good but no sound at all comes from the speakers when I have finished.

I have checked all the sound devices and they all work. I have checked my computer and the sound is fine in that, and even after going through the Logitech audio test, it seems to be working with that.

But still I cannot get any sound tocome through when I play the vid that I have recorded. Has anyone got any clues about these things, because this is driving me up the wall.

As usual thanks in advance for help.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 10:52 21 Mar 2007

Have you been to Logitech site, there may be a software upgrade. Which model is it?

  brundle 10:56 21 Mar 2007

Is it the round one with a small mic in the top? You may need to go into Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices - click Audio, check what source is set for recording

  skidzy 10:56 21 Mar 2007

Possibly damaged or missing audio codecs click here

  Ho-Lin-Sok 10:58 21 Mar 2007

You may have done this already but this is from logitech site.
How do I activate the microphone on my WebCam?

Settings in Windows®

First check that the loudspeakers are correctly connected to your computer. To check this, place a CD in the drive or click on any music file on your computer.

There are two main reasons why the microphone may not work. The microphone may either have a hardware fault, or there may be a problem with the software. To find out whether the problem is hardware- or software-related, proceed as follows:

Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel

click in Windows on Start — Programs — Accessories — Entertainment — Sound Recorder
click on the Record button and speak into the WebCam´s microphone
click on Stop and then on Play to listen to the recording.
If you can´t hear anything, your loudspeaker may be turned to “mute”, or the microphone may not be switched on.
Right-click on the speaker icon on the bottom right of your screen. Open the Volume Controls and check that the loudspeaker has not been set to mute.
Then click in the menu on Options — Properties and select the Playback radio button, then click OK.
The Mic check box in the lower panel should be selected.

Now test the microphone again using the Sound Recorder as described above.
If the microphone doesn´t work on another compatible computer either, it may have a hardware fault.

Settings in Quickcam/ImageStudio™

To set up the microphone in ImageStudio, click on this link:

...and follow the instructions.

To record a video with sound:

Click on the small triangle in the lower right-hand corner of the Record a Video button.
Select the “Include audio” check box.
If you have a multimedia keyboard, make sure the Mute key is not active.

  steve263000 07:51 22 Mar 2007

Thanks for the replies. I have checked my sound files, and they are working well. The computer plays all other types such as DVD's and CD's etc. I have checked the control panel/sound recorder etc, and all is well there. The recording device is set to Logitech. The model is the QuickCam connect. Still no luck with it, so any other help would be much appreciated.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 11:57 22 Mar 2007

Could try to uninstall the software reboot and start from scratch. Read somewhere it may help to disable your audio device before installation of the software, if you have done this already, sorry.

  anchor 13:58 22 Mar 2007

Check you have the latest drivers: select your model from here

click here

  anchor 14:04 22 Mar 2007

If all fails, contact Logitech UK tech: support:

0207-3090126 (for Technical Help)

  steve263000 06:51 23 Mar 2007

To those who have responded, thanks very much. My son uninstalled the camera yesterday, then reinstalled, and generally clicked around, and hey presto! it works. Even he does not know what he did, but hey! it works and that is all I need. As usual the members of this forum have gone out of there way to help again, so thank you all.

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