blackpat 09:21 11 Jan 2006

Hi, my recently aquired camera (Minolta dimage 7i) takes movie clips with sound. When I upload them from my camera card to the computor everything is fine. What I wanted to know is that it seems to upload a ghost copy of the original clip called THM file. The original clip size 19.3 MB and the THM file size is 3.76 KB. When I click on the THM file it just opens but doesn't work like the original. Do I need this THM file for anything or can I just delete it?. The first couple of movie clips i took with my camera, I deleted the THM files with those and the originals still work fine. Any help most appreciated.
Regards. Blackpat

  De Nada 11:25 11 Jan 2006

hi, have a look here,

click here

  blackpat 19:49 11 Jan 2006

Thanks De Nada, I have saved the site to my favs. I'm not sure I understand it though. I will read through it.
Regards Blackpat

  woodchip 20:24 11 Jan 2006

The THM is compressed version of the video

click here

click here

  blackpat 05:50 12 Jan 2006

Thanks woodchip. It says that it is a compressed file, does that mean if I want to send a movie clip to someone on email, I would use the THM file version of the movie clip? If so, how would they open it? as it won't open for me. I tried to send a original movie clip to a friend on yahoo email, but they said the clip was to large.It's a 60 second clip.
Regards Blackpat

  woodchip 10:01 12 Jan 2006

Yes, Does it open if you double click on it in Media Player? If not you need to convert to Mpeg4 or asf format

  blackpat 07:20 13 Jan 2006

Woodchip, I don't have media player, at least i can't see it. How do I convert to Mpeg4 or asf ?

  blackpat 07:31 13 Jan 2006

ooops, I just found media player, but it doesn't recognise the THM file. So I guess I will have to comvert to Mpeg4 or asf.
I had a photo program with the minolta camera, that I installed on my computor, I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  woodchip 13:34 13 Jan 2006

Try this click here

  blackpat 06:28 14 Jan 2006

Thanks Woodchip. I was thinking if have to download this, so would everybody I send the THM movie clip to. I was wondering if it is possible to compress the original movie clip myself into a more usable format and then delete the thm version. What do you think?

  €dstowe 07:19 14 Jan 2006

THM graphics files are THuMb-nails of the original that is small versions (both file size and display size) of the original. In still pictures they are normally used for indexing.

As the camera is a still camera that takes movies (rather than a movie camera that takes stills) it produces a thumbnail (THM) for each frame it takes.

The huge compression of the THM file means that the quality of the image in anything other than thumbnail size will be very poor.

If you want reasonable quality, ignore the THM for anything other than indexing.

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