Camera drivers not installing

  heidelberg 18:01 25 Sep 2005

I have recently bought a new digital SLR camera and for the first few weeks have downloaded pictures using a card reader. This can take some time as the card is 512mb.

I decided today to install the software that came with the camera to see whether a direct link between the camera and the PC would be faster. I have installed, and uninstalled the software and drivers 3 or 4 times as I keep getting an error message which goes something along the lines of “A problem occurred during the installation of the camera. It may not be working properly” or words to that affect! (The error message disappears too quickly to write down the actual words.

OS is xp Pro
Camera is Cannon EOS 350D

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


  MAJ 18:22 25 Sep 2005

When I have problems like that, heidelberg, I like to install only the drivers, forget about the other software for the moment. As you have already tried a few times to install both the drivers and the software, do a System Restore to yesterday, that will remove all trace of the camera's files from your PC. Then, install only the drivers (without your camera attached to the computer), when the drivers have been installed, attach the camera to the USB port and let Windows detect it and find the drivers itself.

  heidelberg 13:00 26 Sep 2005

Thanks MAJ

I am probably going to ask a really stupid question here - but how do I install the drivers, and where to?


Dave - feeling rather foolish!

  hssutton 13:11 26 Sep 2005

heidelberg, if I where you I wouldn't bother as you are far better off with the card reader. I use 2Gb cards and there's no way I would connect the camera.

I use the 300D & 10D, so your file sizes may be a little larger than mine which are approx 7Mb

  MAJ 13:11 26 Sep 2005

I'm assuming the drivers came on a CD, heidelberg?
If so, put the CD into your CD-ROM drive and it should kick off [probably] giving you options similar to:

1. Install Driver.
2. Install Photo software

If you click on the Install Driver option, Windows will install the drivers to the correct location for you.

  hssutton 13:12 26 Sep 2005

Forgot to mention, removing Canon files can be a real pain in the neck

  Monoux 13:20 26 Sep 2005

In my experience using a card reader is a much faster way to transfer images from a camera to hard drive.

  heidelberg 13:40 26 Sep 2005

Thanks for all the advice.

I did a system restore, and attempted to install just the driver. Then I connected the camera, and got the same message "A problem occurred during the installation of the camera. It may not be working properly" or words to that affect!

I've decided to stick with the card reader. Do different readers download at different speeds?

Thanks again.


  woodchip 14:00 26 Sep 2005

You problem of speed may be due to the fact that the camera is set to the highest resolution for taking pictures

  jack 14:18 26 Sep 2005

The best advice for digicam software no matter what the make is --leave it in the box and let Windows do the work.
This software is never as good as what Windows XP can do for you.
Connect the camera direct or use a card reader Windows will see another drive and deal from there.

  ventanas 15:04 26 Sep 2005

I don't think you would need to install any drivers, my Canon certainly doesn't need them, XP takes care of it all. But I can only echo what others have said, and you yourself have now decided - stick with the reader it will be far more reliable, and hssutton is right about Canon installations.

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