Camcorder recapture problems

  kingussie 15:07 13 Dec 2005

I am trying to capture a video from my Camcorder Sony Digi video camcorder to download on my PC and burn on to a DVD. The first one worked ok but the 2nd only gets half way through or even less on the second time around when the capture stops and the whole thing seizes up my PC. I have tried burning the dvd directly but same thing happens and I have to switch of my PC as Ctrl alt Del does not work either. Can you tell me what is happening and how to resolve it.
I am using Windows Xp and ArcSoft media

  john-232317 16:14 13 Dec 2005

Never used arcsoft, but have you enough memory and disc space left ?

Is PC overheating ?

Are you using firewire to capture ?, if you are using USB that will cause problems.

What are you burning it with ?

  kingussie 16:25 13 Dec 2005

Am using firewire and is poss that disc space and memory is the problem but not sure how to check both
pc not overheating but I am !

  woodchip 16:29 13 Dec 2005

Turn of AV and as meany programs as you can before trying the above

  john-232317 19:58 13 Dec 2005

Click on my computer, highlight local drive and bottom left of window will show how much disc space is left.

Have you deleted old video files from previous captures, cos they take up a bit of space ?

Have you defragged lately ?

Is your PC above the specs required to run Arcsoft program, cos you haven`t said what it is ?

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