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  bruno 17:10 01 Sep 2006

My friend has a Time Platina series PC with a high spec,on XP home.He also has a five year old Panasonic VZ9 camcorder which records on cassettes.He wants to save some of his tapes to PC.He has a t/v card on his PC with red,yellow and white phono plugs and S-video.I know nothing about camcorders so am unable to help him,but I am sure many of you here can.Is it possible to do this,if so what gear does he need to get?

  carper 19:23 01 Sep 2006

I am no expert but I would have thought that a five year old camcorder would probably be analogue rather than digital. My grandson has a JVC camcorder and contacted the makers for instructions. The parts that he needed to download to his PC would cost around £90 so he decided it wasn't worth it and justs records to ordinary tape. Hope this helps. Regards Carper

  Totally-braindead 19:28 01 Sep 2006

I also am not an expert. Having said that, if the camcorder and the tapes are analogue then its so time consumming and the results can be a bit dissapointing that I don't consider it worth the effort.

What the simplist thing to do is is buy a standalone DVD recorder and record from the camcorder to the DVD recorder. Its as simple as pressing play on one and record on the other. Anyone can do it. Standalone DVD recorders are no longer expensive and its so much easier. If you don't want to spend any cash then ask your mates, chances are one of them will have a DVD recorder in there living room.

  bruno 20:48 01 Sep 2006

I think it is an analogue one myself,even though it says "digital processing"on the side.I have a VHS back-up programme called IDIGICON which I have never used yet.I thought I might give it a go when I have read up on it.I intended to try copying some VHS tapes I have,using my VHS recorder.
That is an interesting idea using a DVD recorder.I have one myself,and I had not thought of that.I will give that a try as well.
I think it is a bit of a waste of time,too,but we are a couple of old guys and have time to waste(I hope)."Last of the summer wine" springs to mind.

Thanks for the input.

  Graham. 21:16 01 Sep 2006

You should be able to connect the VHS to the DVD recorder. If it's not a hard drive one, you may want to get a re-writable disk so you can experiment.

  Bagsey 22:51 01 Sep 2006

I feel sure that your camera is an analogue camera. If so you will need some means of getting your video into your computer for editing. You need either a capture card or a Dazzle Video creator. You will also need a decent editing program . If you are using windows XP you could use Windows MovieMaker. It is not very brilliant but is a good starting point. You should make sure that you upgrade to Movie Maker Ver2. Check out this link to Ebay for a cheap Dazzle unit
click here
Good look with your efforts.

  woodchip 23:05 01 Sep 2006

He needs to get this for is Camcorder, it works for me with my daughters old Camcorder. click here Also includes some software, I use it with Pinnacle Studio 9.4

  bruno 14:05 02 Sep 2006

Been playing around this morning and have managed to record from my VCR on to my DVD recorder.Plays back OK on there but just tried it on the PC and although it plays, the speed is very slow.I used a RAM disc so I am now going to go through it again with a DVD/RW to see if it is any different.I think I am half way.Thank you all for the tips.

  Totally-braindead 15:45 02 Sep 2006

Thats ok bruno. I've transferred a few of my old video tapes to DVD using this method myself and I'm pleased with the results and its far easier than having to muck about with the file. As a matter of fact I'm recording one just now as I type.

Happy recording.

  bruno 20:43 02 Sep 2006

I have it sorted now,thanks.The reason the CD-RW was running"lumpy" was cured by recording as a V/R instead of a V-D and finalising it.Appreciate all your assistance.

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