Camcorder (JVC DVL 9200) download to PC?

  Legslip 23:25 03 Mar 2010

My pal has the above camcorder that uses a tape cassette. Is it possible to download in file format from the camcorder to PC in order to edit recordings and transfer to DVD for TV viewing?

  hastelloy 01:55 04 Mar 2010

I always use my DVD recorder to transfer from Camcorder to DVD and then to PC. IMHO the best video editing software is Adobe Premier Elements (version 8 works with Windows 7). I agree with Lazarus The 2nd that Magix is good.

  Legslip 08:58 04 Mar 2010

Laz. Reply greatly appreciated and I have never done vid. editing before so what you have sadi is so very useful. Can you kindly indicate on what page of the cam. manual I should be looking at please.

  Legslip 19:03 04 Mar 2010

Can I still download from a tape record on the Cam to my PC? I can understand downloading files from a Cam with an internal drive as the video will be saved in a file format.

  MAJ 19:19 04 Mar 2010

I don't use a tape camcorder, Legslip, but looking at that manual that Lazarus The 2nd linked to, it doesn't appear than you can do it with video (pictures Yes). I assume that they supply some software with the camera that will allow you to download the video using a capture card with a firewire port, but I'm only guessing, I could be way off the mark.

  Legslip 22:02 04 Mar 2010

Laz. Greatly appreciated. I'll gie it all a whirl over the weekend and reort back.

  Legslip 10:08 05 Mar 2010

Good People. My pals PC (Compaq Presario CQ61) has no Firewire port and I have a MEsh Matrix II 925 which doesn't appear to have one either. Are they a rare animal and is there anouther way of downloading the data?

  MAJ 10:12 05 Mar 2010

You will probably need to buy and fit a firewire card, Legslip. click here That one includes two firewire ports and two USB ports.

  Legslip 15:53 05 Mar 2010

Thanks Maj. I have found another pals PC with a firewire port so I'll download to that.

  Legslip 20:34 10 Mar 2010

Have got a 4pin to 4pin firewire cable as the Camcorder appears to have a 4 pin port and so does the PC. Plugged cam in and switched to play and I would have thought Plug 'n Play would have found it, but no. Any ideas?
PC the PC is an Acer AX3300 and has a simalar port on the front to that of the cam.

  Legslip 20:48 10 Mar 2010

Thanks Laz. No, it's running Vista Home Pemium.

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