Camcorder & Firewire System Crashing! Help!

  Ariis Zarai 17:08 26 Sep 2006

Hi there, I've recently upgraded my Dell Dimension Desktop with a pci firewire/usb2.0 combo card. I've also ordered an external hd and dvd writer being delivered tomorrow (i hope).

The card arrived today and was easily fitted, drivers installed etc.

However, after reading the help files in Adobe Premiere (the program I'm intending on using to capture and cut footage) I followed the instructions and turned my camcorder to vcr mode and proceeded to press the 'play' button on the capture screen of Premiere. (I am using version 7)

However the system completely crashed and restarted itself!

The error report contained the following technical info:


I have inspected the settings on my camcorder to make sure dv out is selected and usb streaming is off, and also the capture settings in Premiere and everything seems fine. I've tried Windows Movie Maker and WinDV, Movie Maker did a good capture of a small clip and I thought everything was ok, but then once again the computer froze, however I was able to slightly recover from this and it didn't need a restart.

WinDV I've managed to capture good quality, and without any crashing, however it isn't the program I want to be using!

Can anyone shed some light on this? I've scoured other forums and can't seem to find much info...

The pci card is running fine as the computer recognises the camcorder as a sony etc. and I can run my mouse and other devices through it...

One thing I have noticed, the exact model of the sony is NOT listed in the settings box of Premiere, (there are other similar models there however)

Is there some kind of Sony DV driver or anything like that I might be needing in order for things to run smoothly?

I'm looking to get a new laptop/pc soon, but I wanted to manage for a few more weeks with my machine!

Here are my specs and programs being used:

Sony DCR-TRV33E MiniDV Camcorder

Dell Dimension 2.53ghz 533mhz fsb
768mb pc2700 ram
GeForce Ti4200 64mb graphics card
80gb hd
Windows XP sp2

Adobe Premiere 7.0
Windows Movie Maker
Ulead VideoStudio 8 (came with the pci card, haven't installed yet)

Thanks in advance, and any recommendations would be extremely useful, cheers.

p.s. I know I have a low amount of ram, could this be the main problem? or maybe my motherboard/system is just to elderly to be attempting firewire? Thanks.

  Totally-braindead 17:11 26 Sep 2006

Have you checked the Abobe website for updates/patches. From what you seem to be saying the system works using other software it is only when you use the Adobe software it crashes. Is this correct?

  Ariis Zarai 17:13 26 Sep 2006

Yes, 100% crashing with Premiere, however WinDV has managed to capture pretty well. I'll check out the Adobe site, although I think it might be my machine.. :S

  Totally-braindead 17:14 26 Sep 2006

Heres the website click here

  Totally-braindead 17:15 26 Sep 2006

Is it a digital camcorder? Reason I ask is the specs needed click here

  Ariis Zarai 17:16 26 Sep 2006

Ok, reading lots of pages now, I'll comment back soon. Thanks for the support :)

  Ariis Zarai 17:30 26 Sep 2006

Yeah it's a digital MiniDV camcorder. To be honest, I think my system is the problem.. I'll still be using my card for the external hd, so it wont be a waste, I'll try the Ulead software now and see if I have any problems.

Dell are poo. I'm going to buy a Rock :D

  Ariis Zarai 17:31 26 Sep 2006

I just can't help thinking there's some magical codec/driver/exe 'thing' out there I can install and make it all work. grrr

  Ariis Zarai 18:07 26 Sep 2006

Ok, I've just recovered from ANOTHER crash. (That's about the 9th) Basically I tried the VideoSuite software that came with my pci combo card, I went to capture, connected the camcorder, and without doing anything (i.e. not even pressing play) the whole system locks up and then restarts itself.


This leads me to believe there's nothing wrong with my camcorder,firewire,card, etc. And obviously if it's happening with more than 3 programs, it's not those programs that are at fault either!!

Does anyone have a clue if there are incompatibilities with adding a firewire/usb2.0 combo card to a Dell Dimension 4550?

Or incompatibilties with a Sony DCR-TRV33E and a Dell Dimension 4550?

Why does this keep happening?

Help! :(

  Ariis Zarai 01:54 27 Sep 2006


Ok, for any other people experiencing this nightmare, I found the culprit to be the drivers for the firewire.

The drivers supplied with it are basically COMPLETE CRAP.

i.e. They don't work. At all.

I had to find it in device manager, and then choose from the list of available drivers, and select the 'OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller' - which is basically the windows driver for it.

The driver that caused all the problems and caused the pc to crash every time i did anything with the camcorder was the 'VIA IEEE 1394 Host Controller'.

Good luck for anyone who had the same problem as me!

If anyone could explain why this 'VIA' driver was such a pain I would be greatly intrigued!


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