Cam I use an AMD 2200XP processor and run Win98

  Rickyv 14:51 16 Nov 2003

I want to upgrade my sons motherboard and processor to run AMD 2200XP. Can i run this on Windows 98 operating system or does it have to be windows XP?

  1x11456 14:57 16 Nov 2003

i have just done the same and running win 98 se no probs just check your memory is compatable when i installed it the cpu was reading 1.3 instead of 1.8 (xp 2200 ) just update memory to 333mhz in your bios if nessasary

  powerless 15:03 16 Nov 2003

I have a 2400 on 98 with 512MB RAM ;-)

So a 2200 should be good to go.

  Stuartli 15:07 16 Nov 2003

The XP in the Athlon processor model is not solely intended to be used with Windows XP, but to make the most of the OS's abilities; it it backwards compatible with earlier versions of Windows.

I suggest you read the info in this link:

click here

  Stuartli 15:09 16 Nov 2003

I'll try again..:-)

The XP suffix for the Athlon processor(s) doesn't mean it is intended to be used solely with Windows XP, but to make the most of the OS's abilities; it is backwards compatible with earlier Windows versions.

May I suggest you read the info in this link?

click here

  Stuartli 15:16 16 Nov 2003

An example of the opposite. My Celeron 400MHz CPU is four years old and I use WindowsXP Pro.

It ensured a firm farewell to the occasional blue screen delivered by Windows 95, 98 and 98SE and a warm welcome to a rock steady environment in which to work...:-)

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