Calling Word label print experts

  Pineman100 18:06 11 Nov 2006

Here's a tricky one! I have a paper printout of an old name/address label run, but I have no electronic version of it, and I want to create one. The printout is two records across by seven records down. I want the final electronic file to be the same, but with slightly different spacing.

Obviously I can scan the printout pages and run them through my OCR program, to create an editable Word file, but it's impossible to do this in such a way that the record spacings right for the labels that I want to print on. In addition there are record deletions and additions to be made.

So - if it's possible - I would ideally like to import the scanned names/addresses directly into a new Word label document, or into a plain document that can then be merged into a Mailmerge label document. However, Word doesn't seem to able to do this in such a way that each record is dropped into its own label box.

I hope that explanation is understandable, and I hope that someone has a whizzy answer to my problem, please!

  brambles 18:31 11 Nov 2006

Pineman100 I really feel that with all the complicated ways you are thinking of getting your database on to the computer it would be quicker in the long term to retype them. Perhaps you have a friend who is a quick touch typist who could assist. I am very slow but I can still do a lot of input in a few hours.
Creating a database in WORD is very simple. Sorry I don't think there's a WHIZZY answer.


  Woolwell 18:33 11 Nov 2006

It is possible but you need to import your list of names and addresses into a spreadsheet. In Word 2003 go to Tools - Letters and Mailings - Mail Merge. The follow the steps. The first step is to choose labels and then set up your label size. But you need to set up your data source first ie scan your listing into Excel or Works spreadsheet or import from Word into the spreadsheet with tabs or commas separating the fields.

  Pineman100 19:21 11 Nov 2006

Thanks for the Excel idea. I've just tried it. I first tried scanning the full page, with 2 records across by 7 down - this got totally screwed up. So I then folded the scanned paper in half vertically, so that I had just one column of names/addresses.

Unfortunately, because the names/addresses are typed out as on an envelope (ie: each line below its predecessor) the data ends up in cells the same way: A1 name, A2 address line 1, A3 address line 2 and so on. So this way I'm going to have a spreadsheet one column wide by 400 rows down!

Do you know of any way that I can persuade the record data to arrange itself in rows instead?

Brambles - at this rate you could be right!

  Pineman100 19:22 11 Nov 2006

That should read 4000 rows down!!

  Woolwell 14:16 12 Nov 2006

This may take a bit of time - but try scanning into Word and then import into Excel this may help with the import
click here

  Woolwell 14:20 12 Nov 2006

You will probably have to manually move the address to be on the same line as the name in the Word file before importing to Excel.

  Pineman100 18:54 13 Nov 2006

Many thanks for all your help, Woolwell, but I think I'm going to give up on this one. Any solution that I've tried seems to take longer than just simply re-keying the data.

Thanks again.

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