Calling all Network people

  Doire_Bhoy 12:03 02 Sep 2005

From next week on im freelancing my IT skills. Although i have passed my Network+ i dont have the hands on knowledge of setting up a small business network ( up to 10 computers).
As it is my freelancing work will be repairing pcs and virus solutions.
Has anyone any ideas on a good book to buy which i can read for the next few months which will give me an idea on setting up a samll office network? I need to branch out into the network sector to get more clients.


  ACOLYTE 14:39 02 Sep 2005

I am afraid i don't know any books about networking i seem to just cope with problems as they appear,maybe posting this in the network forum as well if you haven't already might be a good idea,and grats on passing the exam ))).

  Doire_Bhoy 14:46 02 Sep 2005

Cheers mate

  dan11 14:51 02 Sep 2005

Yes congrats on passing the exam.;-)

I am a bit like ACOLYTE when it comes to networks. Somehow I can just manage. I have just installed a second WiFi network into the house. Switching from one network to the other.~~)

Don't ask:-(

  Monument 15:00 02 Sep 2005

You say you are going to be a Freelance repairer of PC's and yet in this thread you are asking how to merge partitions. click here

Do you really have the knoweldge yet for your chosen profession?

  Doire_Bhoy 15:19 02 Sep 2005

Monument i take it you know EVERYTHING there is about computer repair? Must be amazing being you mate.

Everyone in IT is in it to learn. I have passed both A+ and N+ and im currenlty a tech with 6 months behind me. Im branching out into freelance work only afetr my day job ends so i can learn more and get extra money.

Its been great what i have learned in the past 6 months with hands on work...all the books in the world couldnt teach me what i have learned so far.

I dont need you to slag me off when im only trying to better myself. You dont even know me.

  ACOLYTE 15:30 02 Sep 2005

Yeah was a bit harsh Monument,give the guy a chance )).

  Doire_Bhoy 15:42 02 Sep 2005

Used Partition magic for the first time. Easy as hell. Job done.
Better than Disk management anyway.

Do YOU have to use software everytime to sort out your poblems Monumnet???? Ah well.

  ACOLYTE 15:45 02 Sep 2005

Dont let this thread turn into a slanging match guys stick to the subject at hand))

  igk 15:51 02 Sep 2005

Have you tried here:
click here
Also Here:
click here
Don't forget that once you have the general principle of networking, a home 3pc network is not much different to a bigger one,one of the main headaches is usually trying to get the head around TCP/IP,most hardware can be added to.

  Doire_Bhoy 16:04 02 Sep 2005

Thanks igk. The first link doesnt work though. The seconds cool. Cheers.

Acolyte its all a bit of harmless fun. I think hes gone away in a huff though :-)

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