Calling all experts! How to install XP!

  mr bubbles 10:23 03 Oct 2010

Hello experts. I am having one really frustrating problem and i need your help very much.

I have a HP DV6-2114sa laptop which comes with Windows 7. I like Windows 7, but I would like to dual boot it with XP, or most likely use XP as the main OS.

Unfortunately, this laptop will not let me install XP, i get BSOD each time. I found out this is because the laptop is Sata Hard Drive, and i need the sata drivers for the XP install to work. Anyway, these are the things i have tried (ive been on for weeks with no success).

-> checked bios for AHCI (there is no options in bios for legacy mode or anything!)
-> copy my XP Pro Sp2 to the computer.
-> using nlite slipstream sata drivers into my XP and create bootable iso.
-> restart pc and run XP setup.
-> still Blue screen errors!

I am getting really annoyed, i have tried all kins of sata drivers and things and i cannot install XP. I really want to have XP installed as i like it better, it will also be faster on my laptop and more compatible.

I tried using XP mode from virtual pc but i dont like this either.

Why should HP dictate to me which OS i should use, XP has always been my favourite operating system.

Someone please, please, pretty please help me!

Many thanks in advance, im sure someone can help me solve this.

  rdave13 10:34 03 Oct 2010

I followed method 2 here; click here
Had to create an XP disc slipstreamed with sata drivers and also had to use EasyBCD to repair Win 7 boot file.

  mr bubbles 10:36 03 Oct 2010

Yes and Yes, i have followed these guides yet they dont help me.

Thanks for quick reply anyway.

  mr bubbles 10:49 03 Oct 2010


  OTT_B 10:49 03 Oct 2010

What bluescreen message are you getting, and when does it happen?

  mr bubbles 10:53 03 Oct 2010

When i restart the pc with the XP disk in, i get the press any key to run setup.

After this the XP cd extracts the files, then at the bottom of the screen i get something like Windows will not setup or something.

Then i get the BSOD which says something like ACPI.sys error.

I will try it again and write down exact error messages...

  woodchip 10:59 03 Oct 2010

Why not just buy a new drive and put XP on that after downloading all drivers for the Laptop using XP. You could put the Old drive in a Caddy and dual boot it

  User-312386 11:08 03 Oct 2010

So all you are trying to do is install xp at this stage? Did you format the hdd?

Sounds like something is wrong with the xp disc

  mr bubbles 11:17 03 Oct 2010

Ok, i uploaded some pictures to make it more clearer and you see what i see. Also i took pictures of my bios, as you can see, the options are really limited :(

ok here are direct link to the images:

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

Windows ready to begin setting up:
click here

Blue screen immediately after:
click here

Please help!

  mr bubbles 11:19 03 Oct 2010

No, I always format when the install cd lets me (i dont install from windows).

The cd is fine, also as i tried slipstreaming the disk myself (burnt tons of cds), the cd is not the problem. I believe i know the problem is the sata drivers from many hours of reading, yet i have to find any that actually work :(

  gengiscant 11:21 03 Oct 2010

I have also tried slipstreaming Sata drivers into an XP cd, never got it to work yet.
Have you made sure ACPI is enabled in your bios.It is usually under Power Managment.

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