Calling all EPSON Printer Users.....

  Gary 13:41 31 Jan 2003

I have an EPSON Stylus Color 880 Inkjet Printer. In November last year the printer developed a fault and consequently, EPSON replaced it with a remanufactured replacement. This proved to have a different fault, as did subsequent replacments (all different faults) - and I've now have replacement number eleven (11).

This printer appears to have a problem with the head alignment, which running the alignment utility within the drivers does not solve. (Pages are printed so that the top half of characters does not line up with the bottom and straight vertical lines come out as a series of steps). The only way to print correctly aligned pages is to use the 720dpi print setting as opposed to the default 360dpi.

EPSON have taken the printer away twice and returned it with test prints in which the problem is quite clearly visible, but insist that the printer is performing to its specifications. Apparantly, you cannot expect proper alignment unless you increase the resolution beyond the default. However, all the other ten printers I had and other EPSON models I have used in the past have been able to print with the correct alignment.

Can anyone with an 880 (or other EPSON printers for that matter) confirm whether you are able to use the default 360dpi setting to print pages without problems?

I shall be very interested to read your comments.

  stlucia 13:56 31 Jan 2003

I have an 870, and have had no trouble with settings. I think I did an alignment check once, but have never had to intervene for the past year or so.

  Gary 14:38 31 Jan 2003

Thanks for your reply. I can't believe that it is a feature of EPSON printers that in order to get straight lines and corretly aligned text you should have to use a high print resolution.

Anyone else got any experience with EPSON printers? Do you have similar problems with alignment? Can you print perfectly aligned pages at 360dpi? All views and comments appreciated!

  Diemmess 14:58 31 Jan 2003

Have had Stylus Colour ESC/P2 Photo 700 and Photo 870. All seemed to print with the same alignment once set - to be forgotten, whatever resolution I used.

You have had bad luck but Epson are no better/worse than others these days. ........ Telephone Help is by "their reference FAQ maual" The cost piles up and if it is something that doesn't fit their list of answers you soon find you are going in circles.

My 700 and one borrowed from a friend, wouldn't even print the Windows test page when moved to my new computer. New drivers, and £7.50 telephone calls made no difference. An email posted 2 years ago was acknowleged but never answered.

I bought the 870 and gave the 700 to my son with an older box. It is still in use.

  Joe McG 15:15 31 Jan 2003

using an 830, have never even set alignment.
Printing is as close to perfect as i have seen.

  watchful 15:27 31 Jan 2003

I use a Stylus C20UX and did have a problem with alignment of ink carriage but I used their online help service which was very good. It turned out that my printer needed replacing which they did, the very next day. Since then no problems. The service was excellent.

  Gary 15:27 31 Jan 2003

I agree with what Diemmess says above regarding the technical support. As you will imagine, having had 11 printers I've spoken to quite a few support staff at EPSON.

They've told me today that they are not prepared to do anything further about this matter, because my printer is conforming to its specification. However, I hope to be able to refer them to this posting once a few more people have replied and see what their reaction is then!

  dth 15:31 31 Jan 2003

Only ever used Epson printers and never had any real problems. My previous one had to be repaired (free of charge by Epson) and the service was first class.

  pj123 15:37 31 Jan 2003

I have two 880 printers, also an 895 and a C40 and the only one i ever had a problem with was the C40 which Epson exchanged immediately and since then i have not had any problems with any of these printers.

  Gary 16:05 31 Jan 2003

Thanks to everyone who has posted replies to this message. Thinking specifically about alignment, does anyone have any problems with this or can you print perfectly aligned pages at any resolution?

  Psiman 16:06 31 Jan 2003

I've a Photo 870 and no real problems except for cleaning the rollers now and again. Been through HP and Lexmark but still come back to Epson.

Eleven replacements in three months. Wow, I take my hat off to you for perseverance.

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