Callin all Virus Writers....Why???

  Kitz E Kat 03:00 15 Jun 2003

Sorry about this .. but i do have a problem with you guys. I've read one to many posts about your exploits.. Have you got the bottle to explan yourself????
Funny,, i doubt it.

I would love to have the intelect to write a virus, and the time!!

But i do have a life.. so what's in it, the BUZZ of screwing up someone's computer?

If you were into computers surely you would get a better BUZZ out of HELPING people with with there problems , and not creating them.

I guess im talkin to myself as no Virus writer would visit a site that dedicated itself to helping others, for no gain, excet the BUZZ

So come on tell me what's the gig?

Don't be afraid .. talk to me about your "trade"... tell me why a computer buff would want to mess up the life of another computer buff...

why are you ohh so smart????

I Somehow suspect you could not hold a conversation with newt....

*[email protected]:ed off( Sorry Forum ED) Kitz E KAt

  hugh-265156 03:07 15 Jun 2003

have you just found something?

  geoff47 03:58 15 Jun 2003

Sorry to hear your I am not that clever to be able to write a virus,can barely find my way around the PC.
These people are not silly,and not inconsiderate,they definately consider their actions.I believe it is the same thing as Graffiti writers or contestants on Big bros.that moment of fame.I dont think they would key your car,or pee on the toilet seat,or even drop litter,much too obvious for them and liable to be frowned upon when they are caught.
Their buzz as you put it is the power to cause ripples,to show the world they can make a mark,from their stuffy bedrooms.
Its that they cant shine in any other way,not clever enough to create,or not original enough to create anything original anyway.
Its a shame,but..what can you do.........

  VoG® 09:29 15 Jun 2003
  Stuartli 10:36 15 Jun 2003

Most of us have longed wondered why these people don't utilise their talents more constructively.

  pj123 10:45 15 Jun 2003

I'm not a virus writer either, in fact, I'm not any sort of programme writer. I wish I was, then I might try and give Bill Gates a run for his money.

  vinnyT 11:32 15 Jun 2003

I was reading in another mag recently about a course in the university of Calgary in Canada titled 'Computer Viruses and Malware', the course focuses on the "developement of malicious software such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses"

One statement from a rep of Sophos Anti-Virus wonders if the uni will be held legally and financially responsible if any viruses written on the course escapes (or more likely is released, this last in brackets is my opinion, not that of Sophos rep) and infects peoples computers.

The link to the course is at click here if you want to read more.

  pj123 14:50 15 Jun 2003

maybe these brilliant "idiots" work for the Anti Virus company's?? That way the Anti Virus company's keep the revenue rolling in?

  -pops- 14:59 15 Jun 2003

Glad I'm not the only one that thinks like that!

Cynical? Moi?


  Megatyte 19:04 15 Jun 2003

I had wondered about that myself.


  Valvegrid 19:31 15 Jun 2003

Cor, you cynical lot, you'll be saying Master Gates will be sending a patch out to disable Win95, 98 and ME next :-)

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