Caller display from talktalk

  Ray5776 21:28 27 Aug 2007

Hi everyone,

I have recently changed my phone and broadband to talktalk, whether this was a wise decision remains uncertain so far.

They offer a caller display service which will show the name of the caller as well as the number provided it is entered into my address book. Fine, exactly what I want but surely this requires some hardware to view the name and number, they do not mention this.

I currently have a BT CD100 caller display unit which as far as I know has no facility to display names.

Can anyone advise on this please.

  Meshuga 21:47 27 Aug 2007

Do you mean the BT CD1000, not cd100,if so I have the 1000 and it only registers the phone number. You would require a suitable phone with the facility to display name as well.

  Ray5776 22:12 27 Aug 2007

Hi, Yes I meant cd1000 not 100 my typing error, so this device as far as I know will not display names nor does it have an address book.
What I really need to know is the correct display unit to do this, I don`t want to use the phone itself
I require a small display unit I can put on my desk, see who is calling and shout (low tech) to the appropriate family member.
It amazes me that talktalk who provide the service do not even mention hardware.


  six-h 22:20 27 Aug 2007

The reason they don't mention hardware is, I think, that the more recent DEcCT wireless phone sets sold these days include a phone book facility as standard.
That being so, perhaps there is no viable market for a stand alone unit any more.

  Ray5776 23:12 27 Aug 2007

Thanks six-h
that makes sense, the reason I don`t want to change the phone is that I have a combi phone/fax/copier thing, an old BT60 but it works.
OK I can add another modern phone which will do the job but would prefer a stand alone unit if anyone knows of one.


  Spark6 23:35 27 Aug 2007

If the numbers are in your phone book why do you need the names displayed? I am able to understand the need for names from unknown numbers!

  six-h 23:37 27 Aug 2007

Been trawling around, and found this.
It's not cheap, but not outrageously expensive if it fulfills the task!
See what you think.
click here

  Stuartli 00:05 28 Aug 2007

TalkTalk's Caller Display feature is listed as:

"See who's calling before you answer. If a number's in your phonebook, you'll even see the name."

As it's a service which is, as far as I'm aware, offered by BT and others, why should you view it any differently as TT uses BT phone lines?

  six-h 00:20 28 Aug 2007

He's looking for a stand alone unit, like the BT cd1000, but with the ability to identify the name, nopt just show a number.To do that, the stand alone unit needs a "phone book" of it's own to crossref with the caller id.
I didn't think there were any, but found the above (quite expensive at £43, I think I would invest in a new set of 4 dect phones myself!)

  Stuartli 00:32 28 Aug 2007

Thanks for the information.

If I really don't want to answer the phone, unless it's important, I just switch my answerphone on.

If I want to speak to the caller (if they reveal who they are by leaving a message) I turn the answerphone off and pick the phone up.....:-)

  six-h 00:51 28 Aug 2007

A man after my own heart!!

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