call from "microsoft" computer locked

  alan2k1 15:36 23 Apr 2013

hi a friend of mine fell for a call from Microsoft that his computer was faulty he did realise it was a scam and ended the call but now can not log on to his computer as it is asking for an unknown password ..tried safe mode etc but always askes for password any way round this ?

thanks alan

  onthelimit1 15:50 23 Apr 2013

As far as I'm aware, these callers can't do anything without the owner's cooperation, so not sure where that password came from.

If he gets stuck, programmes to shift passwords can be downloaded for a few quid (I don't know of a free one that works), or he could try running a bootable disk from (say) Kaspersky to check for viruses first.

  onthelimit1 15:54 23 Apr 2013

Just found this, but haven't tried it


  alan2k1 15:56 23 Apr 2013

thanks onthelimit1 its not the normal log on password screen this appears on its more like a pop up box with the option to put in the password and submit or restart

  Jollyjohn 15:58 23 Apr 2013

These scam callers install either Teamviewer or LogMeIn or a variation so they can remotely access your PC whenever it is on.

To access the PC boot from the correct windows CD and do a repair of the existing installation.

Once in look for the remote access software and take some details, forward them to the genuine company and they will take steps to prevent the scammers from using their software on your PC.

I have a cd that unlocks a windows account, if the administrator password is not known, it boots into a Linux variant and unlocks the windows installation, sorry I can't remember the proper name for it.

  alan2k1 16:04 23 Apr 2013

thanks yes I have just got that cd and will try it not sur if it will work as this is not the Microsoft account log on password but worth a try

  Jollyjohn 16:18 23 Apr 2013

The above is a link to the disk I have.

Also disconnect the PC from the internet whilst trying to fix, that way the scammers will not see it come up on line and will not be able to access it.

  alan2k1 16:46 23 Apr 2013

sorry all forgot to mention this is winxp sp3

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 23 Apr 2013

Not MS login

Ctrl+Alt+Del bring up task manager and have a look at what programs are running or even look in processes.

Run a bootup scan from a CD to find malware or viruses enter link description here

  onthelimit1 17:08 23 Apr 2013

If you want to try running the virus scan first, this is the link to Kaspersky rescue - you'll need to burn an iso using something like ImgBurn

Kaspersky Rescue

  Strawballs 22:10 23 Apr 2013

These calls seem to be getting quite common I had one saying he was from the technical dept of my broadband supplier, you can understand his reaction when I asked who my ISP was and what my connection speed should be. Funny thing was he did not know!

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