call of duty known compatibility issues with vista

  habs2habs 14:12 11 May 2008

hi everyone

please i need your help.

I have call of duty(1,2,united offensive),was working perfectly well on windows xp.

I bought new pc with windows vista 32 bit ultimate,and installed all call of duty game.

now everytime i switch my pc on (blue screen )come up .When i come up to the desktop after i restart my pc.i go to:
start>control panel>problem support and solutions:i found section(information about other problem:windows vista does not support call of duty(i have to go to activision website to see if is there any patch to make call of duty works on windows vista.

I went to activision website,there isn't any patch to make call of duty works with windows vista.

Please is there any other way around to be able to play call of duty.

Thank you so much in advance and i hope to hear from you very soon please.


  crosstrainer 14:57 11 May 2008

Strange, I run COD on Vista Ultimate no problems.

Try this:

Boot up, and when the system is up right click the COD icon and choose "run as administrator"

You could also try right clicking the EXE file, choose properties > compatibility and select "run in compatibility mode for Windows XP (you can't do this from the shortcut, only the exe file location. To find this right click the icon and choose "find target" then try the compatibility mode as above.

It would help to know your system and graphics specs too.

  habs2habs 19:34 11 May 2008

Hi crosstrainer

Thank you for the quick reply i received from you.

I have a lot of games such as(far cry,halo,panzer elite action ,unreal tournament,rogue trooper,medal of honor airborne).

If anyone of those games deosn't work for compatibility reason can i do the same things as the COD game?

I hope to hear from you very soon,please

thank you so much again

  simmo09 22:09 11 May 2008

COD4 worked fine for me on vista. Many people suggest you try the compatibility wizard, personally i would either:

1) Go to XP and forget vista ever exists
2) Try Virtual Machine which allows you to run XP as a app on your vista
3) if all fails, update your DX and GFX drivers

  crosstrainer 06:47 12 May 2008

Yes, those instructions stand for all games...For example Quake 4 is not meant to run under Vista, but by using admin rights and compatibility it runs fine...You have nothing to lose by trying!

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