Call of Duty - Game Freeze and Crash

  STREETWORK 10:47 29 Mar 2005

Win XP
ATI 9000 - 128mb(latest drivers installed)
AMD 2400+
1gb memory
via chipset

In single player or milti player the game works fine for about 5 mins, then it freezes, stutters and sometimes crashes of I have to softboot. I have tried to do the following.

Game patch - done
Latest ATI Catylist drivers - done
Winxp SP2 - done

Helllllppppp meeeeee....

  Yoda Knight 11:00 29 Mar 2005

Is it generating a fault log ? If you have a look through it I think you will find it is a problem with OpenGL...

I have the same problem with my 9800se - unfortunately I havent been able to fix it yet, so I will be watching this thread with interest.

A search on the web reveals that there does seem to be a problem with ATI cards (not only ATI though), OpenGL and this game

  Yoda Knight 11:34 29 Mar 2005

Anybody..... ???????

  gudgulf 12:06 29 Mar 2005

I've played this game on both an ATIx800pro and an ATI 9600pro without any problems.I also used to own an ATI 9000pro which I could get my hands on again to try on the game if necessary.
My thoughts are that if you can play for a few minutes without problems then maybe the card is overheating? Try checking that the graphics card fan is working or try reducing your gameplay settings such as resolution to give the card an easier time.Whilst you have the case open check that the cpu fan is working too and that the cpu heatsink and inside of the case is not clogged up with fluff.CoD will be giving your cpu/Graphics card a good workout so if you have tweaked or overclocked any part of your pc then try reverting to standard settings.Lastly try using an older set of drivers as the newer ones will be optimised for the latest cards or better still try a set of Omega drivers which can often help with this type of issue click here

  gudgulf 12:26 29 Mar 2005

I found this forum thread which although quite long has a lot of good information for you-- click here

  STREETWORK 13:16 29 Mar 2005

Right then, and thanks to all.

I cleaned all my system, fans work, no heat problems reported and not a speck of dust(good old Dyson). Spent an hour using gudgulf's links (thanks).

Do not know where to find a fault log, so help still needed there.

Rolled back the drivers, twice, but still no luck.

I now need to pluck up the courage and use the omega drivers. Will a system restore bring the old drivers back if there is a problem? and how do I stop xp installing new drivers itself on reboot?

This thread could be fun....keeps me busy anyway.

  Yoda Knight 13:25 29 Mar 2005

The Omega drivers can be uninstalled in the program group on the start menu and use the uninstall icon (just like any normal program).

I got an error screen, which also told me the name of the log file. I think you may have to enable the log file generating option, part of the advanced display setings ???

  STREETWORK 20:21 29 Mar 2005

Right then, where to begin.

Tried omega drivers, with an improvement to 15 mins game play, so went back to ATI drivers.

Uninstalled ATI, used a registery cleaner to complete the job so no traces left.

I then proceeded to download and install all ATI drivers from version 3.6, some are not on ATI site. Stopped at version 4.6 after geting the same problem with each version.

Then read a tread somewhere to disable Fast Writes, Disable VPU Recover/Reporting and drop the game resolution to 800x600. So far so good and will keep you posted if all goes well.

  STREETWORK 22:02 30 Mar 2005

Well, I am no nearer to a solution to this problem. After doing all the above the game froze once more and a soft boot was the only option. Tried again only to crash out to a washed out desktop and another reboot. The problem is definately linked to some graphics setting and more than likely the drivers possibly conflicting with a file being retrieved from CoD. Anyone any good at reading error logs?

  ACOLYTE 23:41 30 Mar 2005

Have you tried turning the sound quality down sometimes this makes the game crash,unless your sure its the graffix drivers that are the problem
but turning the sound quality down wont hurt and will save you ram as well.

  gudgulf 00:38 31 Mar 2005

You've been through the full range of graphics drivers but have you checked what version of drivers the via chipset has? click here for the via update site.Probably clutching at straws but worth a go as updating the 4 in 1 drivers will also update the agp gart drivers which might help.

Other things to try are reinstalling the game.Removing/reseating the graphics card and ram memory modules.You could also rum memtest click here to make sure you don't have any ram problems.Ive also seen XP SP2's DEP system given as a reason for this problem (It doesn't seem to affect my system with CoD though) so here's how to disable it if you want to try this click here
Beware though as this means editing the boot.ini file.

One thing that struck me when looking through the forums on the web about this is that it is not just an ATI issue because there are problems with some NVidia cards too and the solution that works on one machine is not always successful on others.In other words this seems not to be a straightforward problem so good luck.

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