Call of Duty 2 - first foray into Multiplayer

  Air_Man 13:56 02 Sep 2007

I've just realised that CoD2 comes with very little for the single player. I've completed all the SP missions and so need to get into multiplayer. However, I'm a complete newbie in this area.

Can anyone recommend a server that allows newbies to get into multiplayer without ruining games for the more advanced?

Anything I need to know about playing in multi-player mode that isn't an issue with single player?


  umbongo(uk) 01:16 03 Sep 2007

try the 22ndsas server there a bunch of lads who dont take it too seriously (exept when playing matche,s)

i dont play cod 2 myself but do online game with most of these guys in other games

their website .join it then post your questions in the cod 2 section theyll help you out best they can
click here

  harps1h 08:23 03 Sep 2007

if you want a lot of online fun get the original call of duty with the expansion pack United Offensive. load them both then click on the multiplayer of United Offensive. there you will find a type of game call base assault where there are tanks and you destroy the opposing bases. it is a team based game where all willl welcome you. go to a server called 355th dedicated server 1. they will welcome all new comers

  harps1h 08:23 03 Sep 2007

their website is at click here

  Air_Man 11:55 05 Sep 2007

Thanks harps1h, I'll give it a go, and United Offensive sounds good too.


  harps1h 21:17 05 Sep 2007

i should also add it is a family server where the use of bad language results in being kicked off, but they also don't like players being abused by others. i am a member there so if you come onto it let yourself be known...... i play under harps_HM

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