call of duty 2

  iqs 21:41 03 Mar 2007

XP/P4/ 2.50GHZ /1MB RAM /RADEON 9550 256 mb

Hello,I'm currently playing Call of Duty 2.The game runs with out any issues on Video Mode 800x600 and with DX9.You are able to select from various Video Modes/screen size and the version of DX.

I tried the game on the max Video Mode ,1280x1024.The movement was very jerky and slow.

I'm new to Pc games,is there a way to play the game with the max video,and still have the smooth movement of the 800x600?.

Also is 800x600 a usual setting for Pc games?.Like I said I'm new to Pc games.

I find changing it to Direct X 7 mode in the video options makes it run far better and the difference is minimal.

On my desktop at home I actually took some screen shots to compare the differences and the only thing that stood out to me was that the walls had a much more 3D texture with DX9 than DX7. Still, I would much prefere the faster framerate and a higher resolution than nicer looking walls.

The performance difference I experienced was about 20-25 fps (frames per second) with DX9, while at DX7, it frequently was maxed out at 90. That was with a Geforce 6600GT.

If you want to see what frame rate you are getting, press the ` key to open the console while in a game (that is the key to the left of '1') then type 'cgdraw_fps 1'.

  STREETWORK 22:04 03 Mar 2007

This is an issue with the ATI Catylist drivers. Aslo with some sound cards.

with sound cards it may take a while for it to catch up with the graphics. You could update the sound card driver and see if this helps or look at ATI website for common problems and possible workarounds. I have the same problem with Brothers in Arms...

  citadel 10:19 04 Mar 2007

9550 is only a £40 card and will struggle with a lot of games.

  iqs 11:40 04 Mar 2007

Hello and many thanks for your comments.Can anyone recommended a piece of software which will test how good my card performs please.

  gudgulf 12:00 04 Mar 2007

You might find this review useful click here

Your card is basically a budget desktop card and not up to modern games at anything more than the lowest settings.

This will help you set up the game click here but as [email protected] has suggested you will need to run in DirectX 7 mode to get decent performance with your card.

If you want to upgrade your graphics card, I would recommend getting one of these:

£80 - click here

£115 - click here

Or from the Nvidia Range:

£60 - click here

£80 - click here

£100 - click here

Obviously, the more expensive cards perform better so I would suggest you get the best one you can afford if you want to be able to play games at high settings smoothly.

In gudgulf's link there is an excellent screenshot demonstrating the difference bewteen DX7 and DX9 that I was trying to explain in my first post click here.

  iqs 14:42 04 Mar 2007

buying the right graphics card is not as straight forward as I [email protected],the RADEON X1650,will this make a difference with games like Call of Duty,Prey,F.E.A.R etc.Will my current card handle these games ok,but with the lower resolution .

Thank you all for helping :-)

  Mr Beeline 15:04 04 Mar 2007

As an avid gamer (of the mature sort) I would agree with most of the comments above.

IE. Modern PC games are power hungry things and if you want to play at a decent resolution, you need a half decent PC.

Your current spec. PC will struggle a bit with all the games you mention.

I would recommend the ATI X1950 pro 256MB graphics card. This is about the best card for an older AGP based motherboard (I'm assuming that's what you have with an older P4 based system) that you can get, I personally would not consider anything else myself (though I do have an Nvidia 7900GS myself). If any money left over, increase your memory to 2GB (this can sort out problems like "texture hitching" and improve loading times). This is really about as far as you can take this PC, as the CPU is a little bit of a bottleneck. Though I suspect you might be able to fit say up to a P4 3.2/3.4 if your motherboard can take it.

I'm not a fan of the X1600/1650 cards, as they are not that great a performer (I apologise to anyone that uses one), the X1950 pro is a MUCH better card.

Good luck...

  Totally-braindead 15:35 04 Mar 2007

I too think that the graphics card is the problem, when you up the resolution its unable to cope.
If you do decide to upgrade to a better faster card and I do think its a good idea then make sure your power supply will handle it.
More powerful cards require extra power and need a good stable power supply, for most of the better cards you will need a minimum of 450 watts and if you do have to buy a new power supply I would suggest getting one even a bit above that.

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