Call Centre

  TRICKY 11:50 28 Aug 2004

Hope I havent distracted you too much. But am looking for online help and suggestions.

As we know, the dreaded words are "Call Centre". I am looking to change the image in our Call Centre.

Looking for suggestions, or ideas of what Call Centres could be called (keep it clean please). Alternate names instead of Call Centre Operator. etc

In this particular instance, its a Police Call Centre.

Would appreciate suggestion and views from anyone.

Thanking you in anticipation.


  bremner 12:03 28 Aug 2004

A Call Centre is what the public understands you to be.

The public understand that the person they speak with is a 'call centre operator'.

Why confuse them with a purely cosmetic name change.

..and in the process write off an amount of public money that could be better spent on policing the streets or employing more call centre staff so we are not kept waiting ages for our calls to be answered - a change of name will mean a change of stationary, a change of directory entries etc etc etc.

Put my soap box away now.

  cga 12:11 28 Aug 2004

I agree that call centres have a bad image. The only way of dealing with this is by what you DO and not what you call yourself.

If you call yourself a 'HELPLINE' or some other such title but respond in an uninformed and unhelpful way you will soon destroy any image makeover.

If you respond in a positive and informed way then a name will not hold your reputation back.

  nyleridedog 14:34 28 Aug 2004

how about CSR= Customer Service Representative

  Valvegrid 15:15 28 Aug 2004

COMCEN (communication centre) left over from many a shift in the navy in the comcen.

  spuds 15:55 28 Aug 2004

Communications Advisory Control [CAD]

  Meshuga 16:55 28 Aug 2004

If it aint broke dont fix it. Meshuga.

  lucky1 19:05 28 Aug 2004

One suggestion would be Force Communications Centre (used by Lothian and Borders Police up here in Scotland in their new 'call centre')with the operatives known as Public Assistance Advisors (my suggestion)?

  Danoh 19:12 28 Aug 2004

It would help if you could mention what is the image of your call centre now and what you would like it to be.

Personally I feel what a Police call centre has to deal with is typically quite a bit more important than some relatively less critical to life than a PC malfunction of some sort.

  Graham ® 19:16 28 Aug 2004

How about 'Is there anybody there'?

  Djohn 19:17 28 Aug 2004

Hello,hello,hello! ;o)

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