Call Center Setup

  bolajiwds 08:15 24 Nov 2008

Hello everyone in the forum. Please I need help in setting up a call centre inside an Internet Cafe. I want a situation where I'll be able to monitor call made minute by minute with the help of software connected to each phone box in the cubicle.

Please help me with a software that I can use to monitor the calls and how to set it up.

Thanks so much for your help.

  chub_tor 08:46 24 Nov 2008

No experience in this field but Google will supply you with lots of links click here=

  €dstowe 09:36 24 Nov 2008

Make sure you are aware of the laws covering the monitoring (eavesdropping) of phone calls.

  bolajiwds 08:13 25 Nov 2008

Thanks for your sincere replies. What I mean by monitoring the call, is knowing the minutes spent by every caller from each box/cubicle.

I want keep proper record of call made in my Internet Cafe.

Please help.

  jolorna 10:12 25 Nov 2008

looking at your thread your saying you will have a phone in each cubical, which to me reads you need that amount of telephone lines coming into the place so why not just put a payphone in each cubical then you don't have to worry about counting call time, as the person pays for time used

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