Calibrating battery life on a laptop

  jz 22:12 17 Sep 2006

My laptop only lasts for around one hour on its battery before it hibernates due when the critical battery alarm occurs (3% charge left). If I disable any action in Windows XP when a critical battery alarm occurs so that it does not hibernate, the battery lasts for over an extra hour longer before it powers down. Someone told me that I need to 'calibrate' the battery by letting it go completely flat - I've done this a couple of times, but I still get the critical battery alarm after 1 hour of use. How do I 'calibrate' it?

  woodchip 22:23 17 Sep 2006

You can alter the shut down in your Laptop. Well you should be able to. It's not the battery it's the program that keeps a check on it and shuts it down. So it's Software

  spuds 22:33 17 Sep 2006

You might find these links useful click here click here

  woodchip 22:38 17 Sep 2006

It appears that he is trying to stop the laptop shutting down too soon. and leaving about half charge in the battery

  jz 01:26 19 Sep 2006

Thanks for your replies. Unfortunately I'm none the wiser. I thought it would be an easy thing to fix, but it looks like it's not so straight forward.

  bazb 10:32 19 Sep 2006

Hi jz

this is how to do it on a HP Notebook. click here

Hope it helps

  jz 19:08 22 Sep 2006

Thanks bazb - it's not an HP (it's a Gateway, second hand with no manual) but I have already done what they advise and it didn't help, unfortunately.

I'm now wondering what happens when you put a brand new battery in a laptop - how does the laptop know it is new and therefore higher capacity, or maybe it doesn't, and you get the same poor apparent battery life?

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