calender building software?

  Xevious 15:38 27 Apr 2004

anyone know of any good software that will create calenders, A4 size, half the page must be the calender part (grid / table) and the top half to be personal photos...

ideal for gifts...etc but i don't know of any professional (ish) software to do this for me...

(want to make ful use of my new photoprinter...)


  TomJerry 15:42 27 Apr 2004

You can download a free start edition to check out click here

  Clint2 15:43 27 Apr 2004

Serif PagePlus has a calendar facility click here

  Xevious 15:47 27 Apr 2004

excellent, i'll give both a go. thx TomJerry and Clint2

anyone else know of any others, plz do post and i'll try all!

  colberly 15:52 27 Apr 2004

click here
Might be of some use.

  pj123 16:05 27 Apr 2004

Yes, Serif Pageplus is good and so is Microsoft Publisher. Lots of magazine cover disks will give a free (earlier) version of pageplus. Check out the latest issues in your local newsagent. The only problem I have found with Serif is that once you have registered as a user you will get inundated with emails (and phone calls) offering other Serif applications. I just delete them.

  Xevious 16:07 27 Apr 2004

thanks all, i'll look at each and post back when one has been chosen!

  keith-236785 16:35 27 Apr 2004

as pj123 says,

i once dared to buy a serif product, several phone calls over the next year trying to sell more, and i have lost count of the e-mails.

serif is really doing itself no favours, as the comments here prove.

i have used a program called "amazing calander maker"click here

  ianeon 16:40 27 Apr 2004
  pj123 17:16 27 Apr 2004

I did succomb to their emails at first. I now have all the Serif programmes, PagePlus, Photoplus, DrawPlus, Webplus and and any other Plus they are offering. But it is now getting ridiculous so I don't want any more. The Plus programmes I have are working fine and do exactly what I want them to do so why do I need the next version up.

  the-emsworth-kid 17:51 27 Apr 2004

I've also used 'amazing calender maker' - does everything I want (but I'm not too demanding) - cost me, if I remeber right, about a fiver (plus Vat) at Makro

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