Calendar Required - for use over a network

  Evolution 10:00 19 May 2003


A strange request this but I hope that somebody can help.

I'm looking for a "month to view" calandar which all my managers can access, view and edit over an NT network.

The purpose is for them to log their holidays on it and for the directors of the business to be able to view who is away when, from the comfort of their own offices!!

A replacement for the good old dry wipe board!!

We all use Outlook 2000 if that can be used in any way.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  otubby1 10:25 19 May 2003

I don't know if this is of any use, but I got a great little desktop calender.

Go to: click here

And search for calenders. I think you'll find there are any number to choose from.

  AndySD 10:45 19 May 2003

Netfolders click here

  fitshase 10:53 19 May 2003

I am using Outlook XP so I don't know what the difference is, but this may work.

- Make sure that the managers' names are in the address book of everyone else.

- When someone puts a holiday on their calendar, "invite" the manager as an optional attendee and mark the time as Vacation (as it will show another colour)

- This means that the manager will have a copy of that persons holiday on their calendar so they will be able to see who is off and when.

Hope this helps



  AndySD 10:57 19 May 2003

Does your company use Exchange Server?

Office XP is different from 2000. I know of two small companys who wont update from Office 2000 as Netfolders is no longer supported and they dont wish to pay for Exchange Server.

  fitshase 11:12 19 May 2003

Sorry, I use Outlook at home (and do not use Exchange Server). It is just that when I schedule appointments in my calendar, I see there is an option to invite others.

I thought that this may be what you are looking for.

Sorry for the confusion.



  fitshase 11:16 19 May 2003

If you are upgrading to Outlook XP (2002) then take a look here:-

click here



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