Calenda setting has changed

  Wrinkly1 17:56 12 Apr 2007

After leaving my laptop unused for a week on opening up I found that the calenda is showing the correct month (April) and yaer (2007)but the date is incorrect. i.e. it is showing today as the Friday the 13th despite it being Thursday the 12th. I have done a virus check and attempted a restore point (despite the calenda being one day out)
Using Date/Time in control panel only gives bme the same incorrect dates to change to.
How can I alter the calenda back to its correct date?

  birdface 18:25 12 Apr 2007

Have you tried ,Double click the time at bottom right hand side,Time Zone,Make sure it is set to GMT Dublin Edinburgh Lisbon + London,And then try and change the time.

  Diversion 22:03 12 Apr 2007

Do as buteman says above and put a tick in the "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" at the bottom of the Time Zone panel.

  Wrinkly1 08:52 13 Apr 2007

Thyanks for suggestions. Had/have tried them but remembering my youth used the DOS prompt to correct date but using the update server get an error message stating failure due to "peers stratum is less than hosts stratum"

What the heck does that mean?

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