Calculating days gone by in EXCEL 2002

  aph 18:43 01 Jul 2003

I want to calculate how many days there are between two different dates and have it as a whole number

in the cell I type
(where A1 is 17/06/03 and A2 is 13/06/2003)

I get a rather large number whereby I was expecting a value of 4 !!

All help welcome


  graham√ 18:58 01 Jul 2003

Have you formatted the cells as date?

  VoG II 18:58 01 Jul 2003


  VoG II 19:08 01 Jul 2003

Actually if you use =A1-A2 it should work as long as A1 and A2 are formatted as dates and the answer cell is formatted as number.

If you are getting a number like 37789 (the date serial number for 17/06/03) then you are referencing the wrong cell(s) in your formula.

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