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  jim63 10:58 26 Apr 2009

Found this on another site where someone has the same problem.""I have found when doing file operations (copy, move, delete, etc) Vista occasionally takes FOREVER. This is because it will first calculate how long it thinks it's going to take.

The copy itself is just as fast if not faster than in XP. I've moved a 4kb text file and it took 30 seconds to figure out how long it would take and then once it did that it just finished because the copy took such a small amount of time. Is there any way to delete this feature or at least make it only calculate if moving large files or a large number of files?""

  lotvic 11:44 26 Apr 2009

It seems to be a bug in Vista. One way round it is just to drag the 'calculating time' window to one side and ignore it, this allows access to the file dialog box underneath and you can carry on without the delay of waiting for 'calculating time' to finish.

Another involves a hotfix from microsoft click here

  ambra4 12:00 26 Apr 2009

Take a read at these sites it might help

How to Speed Up File Transfers In Windows Vista

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35 tips and tricks to speed up your Vista PC

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