Cage to fit a smaller drive in.

  Sapins 14:46 27 Dec 2004

I have bought a card reader which fits a floppy drive bay but I only have a large bay available. I have a USB card which came with an adapter for the drive bay and I would like to know if I can buy one of these "cages" to use for the reader. Anyone know where I can get one please.



  Graham ® 14:55 27 Dec 2004

Maplins click here

  Sapins 15:09 27 Dec 2004

Thanks for the quick response, I forgot to say I live in France, they don't deliver here and I would like a beige plastic one to match the other drives.

  jack 15:21 27 Dec 2004

Have you considered the DIY route?
How good are you with small tools?
Spring out the 5.25 facia over the M/T drive
Mark out the apature and score out with a craft knife.
Devise a method of fixing the Card Reader to the back of the drive -anything will do a [washed] catfood tin opened up and strips cut with kitchen scissors and double sided tape will do it.
when dobe and lead connected, test it off machine when happy snap the facia[with drive] back in

Be inventive.

  Sapins 15:39 27 Dec 2004

I am considering a DIY job, I have a perspex blanking plate for the drive bay and I could get an aperture laser cut locally. None of your kitty kat tins in my brand new acrylic, ultra violet lit case:-) but, thanks for your reply.

  Diemmess 16:39 27 Dec 2004

Agree entirely with jack - to use the original blanking plate (its a matching colour already).

Cannibalism if you know of a dead pc, to have a ready made aperture.

As for Kitty Kat - well aluminium scrap sheet will cut more easily and could be given a "brushed finish" with wet or dry after filing it true.

  Sapins 17:17 27 Dec 2004

The case is blue acrylic with clear acrylic blanking plates.

I have found an adapter on a French site and I have just ordered it.

Thank you all for your help,



  jack 19:55 27 Dec 2004

Glad to have been of help
Even 'gladder' you have found a 'proper' item
although I fancy DIY when poss.

Mean while do the tick bit there's a good chap.

Happy new year and may you be forever mesmerized by your glowing acrylic box.

  Sapins 21:22 27 Dec 2004

Happy New Year to you too jack.

I'll be a good chap now, I don't want to be ticked off again;-)

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