CAddy & Internal DVD RW ...

  Stonechatz 18:14 11 Mar 2004

... would it work (USB 2.0 interface)? I know that for extra storage, a 300Gb disc seems good value - but I get the backup storage (on DVD RW discs) and a DVD copier too - alll in one portable package - but wd this setup of an external caddy containing an internal DVD RW actually work?

  temp003 04:28 12 Mar 2004

CDROM caddies are not very common, but in principle I don't see why it shouldn't work. A USB2 enclosure is just a box with an IDE to USB2 adaptor. For a DVD burner, the caddy must be USB2 and your computer must support it as well (firewire would probably be slightly better). USB1 would be too slow to cope with the data transfer required for burning DVD.

  edstowe 08:02 12 Mar 2004

We use IDE DVD writers in external (Belkin) enclosures with complete success. The output is USB2 which is plenty fast enough for video work.


  Stonechatz 11:52 12 Mar 2004

... Maplins seem to make the whole exercise not worthwhile - charging £50+ for a 5.25" caddy. I have seen some at around £35, so will forge ahead on the economy route to DVD backup storage :))

  Stonechatz 10:55 17 Mar 2004

... up & running. Thanks for the encouragement. The instructions suggested that the DVD needed to be set (via the jumpers) as a Master - but Cable Select proved the better option, as the Master setting meant my computer couldn't see the drive. Thanks again.

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