cacheman and games

  pookie 14:17 04 Feb 2003


1.9xp, windows 98se, 512Mb pc2100 ddr, gainward ti4200 64Mb, ecs k7 s5a - 3d score of 9300 approx.

I've been reading posts about cacheman and that it can make a big improvement to system. One of the settings on it is for 'games' which is what I use system for mainly (fps). Is it just a case of me clicking on games and saving? Will I notice any difference or should I just leave well alone?

many thanks - if cacheman is recommended by you do you have any other tips for its use/settings?

  Jungle 14:35 04 Feb 2003

Cacheman is a good program for helping to stabilise your system if you are having problems with 512 or more of ram when using Windows 98, 98SE or ME ( XP doesnt suffer as badly with VCache or Vmemory problems ) . Please note ..stablise.

I used to use it with my old ME system, to stop system crashes, as Vmemory was a constant problem..( ie Blue error screens etc ). But in the end I had a faulty memory card and overall Cacheman didnt really seem to do that much, I didnt notice any difference in game performance, just that they didnt crash halfway through.

Although it did obviously allow you to instantly see how much memory was being used up, and try to free some up...( More helpful when opening a lot of Pictures from a digital camera )

The good thing about Cacheman is that is saves all of your registry settings before you make any changes so that should you have problems, you can revert easily back to your old set up.

As you have stated, if you want to use it, you just click on the games settings and click load, whether or not it will make a noticable diffence depends on your individual set up.

You already have fast DDR Ram, and plenty of it, if you are not experiencing crashes I wouldnt expect it to improve games that much if at all.

And you know the old saying... " If it aint broke dont fix it " !


  pookie 15:08 04 Feb 2003

thanks jungle

you're right - my system has always been pretty stable so I'll leave all well alone


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