Cable and Wireless Router

  Cark 23:47 04 Feb 2006


I need help with setting up my router
its an 802.11g Wireless LAN ADSL Router thats decided not to work
possibly because its smarter than me but it will very soon meet the end of a mallet
Ive had connection difficulties ever since ive had it but now ive finally got my 2nd pc to connect
Though it only says its connected there is no connectivity and i cant connect to my main computers folders or internet
There has to be one sympathetc person out there that understands something about this god forsaken router
and please, if you hear my plea, SAVE ME!!!!

(any more details on this please just ask)

  keewaa 00:23 05 Feb 2006

Need more info, what ISP, what modem make model number, router model number, is your main PC 100% working, is the main PC wired in, does it work 100% with router removed and 1 pc on the modem, do you have norton, have you upgraded firmware,

For initial setup use wired, set SSID broadcast on, disable all software firewalls, disable all WEP/WPA security,

  Cark 00:29 05 Feb 2006

whoa questions....right...
ISP: Wanadoo
Make: Cable and Wireless
Name: 802.11g Wireless LAN ADSL Router
Model Number: ADSLR10CW3

I dont know if its 100% working but it seems fine enough, what do you mean by 'wired in', i do have Norton (but its not updated) on main pc but not on second and all wep/wpa is disabled

  keewaa 10:05 05 Feb 2006

By wired I mean ethernet cable, instead of wireless. Is the main PC getting it's connection through a wire as opposed to wireless.

The best way of going at this is to try to establish if both computer will work properly if the wireless is turned off and they are wired to the router using an ethernet cable. If so then it narrows it all down to a wireless problem.

So can you move the 2nd PC within cable range, and then disable the wireless (right click-disable in network connection, to avoid any IP conflicts), then plug it into the router and see if it works OK also when wired in.

Unplug it again before you re-enable wireless on it.

  Cark 11:26 05 Feb 2006

Hi, my main PC is wired and im having no problems, this is also the same for my laptop

Unfortunately my 2nd PC doesnt have an ethernet port

However i dont think the problem is with the wireless because my friends can pick up the signal with their laptops, but there is never any connectivity as when i repair the conenction on the 2nd pc, it fails to acquire an IP address. Dont know if this helps.


  keewaa 11:55 05 Feb 2006

When you say your friends can pick up the signal on their laptop, do you mean that it works 100% for them or that it gives the same problems on their laptops as on the 2nd PC ?

  Cark 11:56 05 Feb 2006

it gives the same problems as the 2nd PC

  keewaa 12:18 05 Feb 2006

OK, when you use the laptop wireless software to scan for available networks, does it find the wireless network, and when you try to connect what happens?

  keewaa 12:19 05 Feb 2006

Sorry I meant the 2nd PC

  Cark 12:32 05 Feb 2006

it find my network and allows me to connect but i continuelsy get the message 'limited or no connectivity'

  keewaa 12:39 05 Feb 2006

OK the first thing to try is to upgrade the firmware on the router (use one of the wired PCs to log into the router and update it, it might be an auto link, or you might have to first download it from the manufacturers site to the PC, and then browse to the update file from the router)

Also update the firmware for the PCs wireless card.

See if the updates fix the problem, sometimes they do.

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