Cable vs. ADSL Modems

  Desert Rat 19:22 15 Dec 2005

Can someone please explain the differences between Cable and ADSL routers. Since both systems are essentially broadband, why do the two types of routers seem incmpatible with one another? I am curently running NTL cable with an ethernet connection between the cable modem and the PC and realize that I'd require a cable router when setting up a wireless connection, but why wouldn't an ADSL router work?

  PaulB2005 19:49 15 Dec 2005

Cable is a permanently one thick white cable that comes from the street via your Cable Broadband Supplier.

ADSL comes down the phone line and needs to dial up to get a connection.

They are different "flavours" or broadband. An ADSL Router will be expecting to dial out to make a connection and it won't work on a NON-ADSL broadband.

  mgmcc 19:56 15 Dec 2005

>> why wouldn't an ADSL router work?

Because ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is the broadband service delivered over the phone line. A combined "Router/ADSL Modem" has as its WAN port, a connection that goes directly into the phone socket. The router you require doesn't have a built-in modem and has an RJ45 ethernet WAN port to connect to the Cable Modem's ethernet port.

A cable/DSL Router can be used with ADSL, but it requires a separate ADSL modem that supports an ethernet connection and is extremely problematical to set up for technical reasons (PPPoE versus PPPoA protocol in particular).

  bremner 20:16 15 Dec 2005

An anology would be -

"Why won't my diesel car run on unleaded after all they are both combustion engines"

Yes they perform the same function but the way they do so is different.

  Desert Rat 14:43 16 Dec 2005

The title of my query should have read "Cable vs. ADSL Routers", not "Cable vs. ADSL Modems". Confused as the the differences between the two types of routers.

  bremner 10:06 17 Dec 2005

There are many routers available that are cable/DSL such as click here

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