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  Astrid 16:16 03 Feb 2011

I've just bought a laptop and will need to transfer files and settings from my old XP desktop to a new Windows 7 computer. Is there any specially suitable cable for this, or is any transfer cable suitable. Also, are there any possible hitches to an easy transfer. I have an external drive that I can use, or else straight from one to another. I'd appreciate advice as I'm a little daunted by the prospect and the thing hasn't even arrived yet!

  The Kestrel 16:29 03 Feb 2011

This is the sort of thing you need click here.

However when I transferred from an old to a new PC recently, I simply used a suitably sized USB pen drive to move files across.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:36 03 Feb 2011

Several ways to do it -

Copy all files to your external drive - then copy from external drive to new machine. No cost + files are backed up on external drive.

Connect the laptop to your router and setup a network between your old machine and new laptop to share files. Cost 1 Cat 5 ethernet cable. click here

Connect laptop direct to PC with crossover cable and set up network between the two. Cost 1 cross over cable click here

Use a USB transfer cable click here# to connect the two machines

Are you keeping the old machine or getting rid of it?

  onthelimit 16:41 03 Feb 2011
  GaT7 16:50 03 Feb 2011

The Windows Easy Transfer (WET) method or similar is what you need, but it can be unreliable & if it crashes midway through (as it happened to me), you'll need to start afresh. Not very pleasant when it has been going about its business for a few hours already!

Also, most other transfer methods are very slow, so what I usually do is connect the old drive directly to the new computer (internally), then copy & paste data from the old into the new drive. There are no other settings or anything else to bother about either. But you'll need to re-do everything else at the end of course, like reinstalling programs & their settings. This ensures you have a fresh system though. This way
you can also easily & permanently wipe the old drive (if required) from within your new Windows system itself by using a free program like Eraser click here. G

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 03 Feb 2011


not so easy with a laptop :0)

  GaT7 10:57 04 Feb 2011

Ha, well-spotted!

What happens when I try to do too many things at the same time! G

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