Cable set-top box - network?

  Dellman 10:19 02 Oct 2007

I presently have broadband via Cable TV Set top Box. I presently connect 1 Desktop PC wirelessly. Present equipment being:

>Access point (or is it router?) - WG 602 V3
>USB Adaptor - WG 111 (v1?)

I now want to add a new wireless enabled laptop to this set up. Is this possible? (Virgin appear to say that I can only ever connect one PC via this type of cable/BB set-up and want me to convert to dedicated modem set-up)

I deally I would like to stick to present mode of BB delivery. Do I need additional kit? What do I need to do to connect up Laptop.

  ambra4 11:49 02 Oct 2007

"Virgin appear to say that I can only ever connect one PC via this type of cable/BB set-up"

Have you tried to connect the other laptop??

Don't see any reason why it should not work once you can access the wireless router

  Ashrich 17:09 02 Oct 2007

The laptop will be Ok , normally the cable modem will attach itself to the MAC address of the PC which is why you have to power it down for several minutes ( so it forgets the MAC )before attaching a wireless router ( which it then binds to ), obviously you have done this so adding another PC to the network will be possible as you then connect to the router not the modem .


  Strawballs 18:56 02 Oct 2007

I have 4 meg Virgin BB with set top box and have linksys wrt5g connected to it with 1 pc connected via wire, 1 pc (upstairs) connected via PCI wireless card and 1 laptop connected via inbuilt wireless broadcom and all work fine and with WPA security setup!!!!!

I have a Samsung STB but it all worked when I had old box on 2meg connection.

  Strawballs 18:57 02 Oct 2007

sorry should be Linksys wrt54g

  Dellman 21:52 02 Oct 2007

Ashbridge...there is no modem. The Access Point is attached to the TV Cable Set-Top box.

Ambra ....actually I have now discovered a label on the BlueYonder set-up says that you can only connect one PC.....I guess what Virgin are telling me must be correct?

Strawballs....How are you getting 4MB. I've been told the maximum you can ever get via the Cable TV Set-Top option is 1MB.

  Dellman 22:22 02 Oct 2007

If I accept what Virgin are saying (as per label on instruction manual) and set-top box can only support one pc through access point and do as they suggest i.e. they install dedicated cable modem, will above equipment that I have still support wireless connectivity via dedicated modem option? Or should i get more up todate wireless equipment. I have seen this at Argos with free USB adaptor - will this be ok for Cable?

click here

  Ashrich 22:23 02 Oct 2007

The set top box IS the modem , that's how it gives you the Internet , and under normal circumstances it would just connect to your PC , and it would bind itself to that PC's MAC address and not allow any other , if you power it down for about 4 minutes it " forgets " what it was bound to , so you can then attach a wireless router , which you have done , it then binds itself to that , only the wireless router/access point has the ability to allow many wireless PC's to use it and connect to the internet without the set top box realising as all it sees is the MAC of the access point .


  Dellman 22:56 02 Oct 2007

But why on the installation guide do they they it can only connect one pc?

The wireless router has always been part of the set up. What I was trying to do is to get the Laptop to connect to the "network" wirelsessly to as does the desktop PC already.

  ambra4 23:33 02 Oct 2007


The cable TV Set top box modem WILL only allow one IP address to access the Internet via their system, which the wireless router will supply once connected via the Ethernet cable

The 4 hard wire pc’s from the router ports and any amount of wireless devices can be connected to the wireless side of the router, get their IP address from the router, so that all the Virgin cable box see is one IP address (Default Gateway) which is from the router connected to their system

If you want to you can add a 36-port switch on to each of the 4 router port and connect 36 PC to each switch and virgin will still only see one PC connected, so that 144 computers plus 20 wireless devices can have Internet access via the Virgin cable set top box.

Hope you understand the information above forget what the Virgin TV set top box say that would only apply if you connect a computer direct from the computer Lan card via a Ethernet cable

  Ashrich 23:36 02 Oct 2007

Then the only thing is to try it , it either will or it won't , I assume when you do a search for wireless networks from your PC it does things as normal , you find your access point , click on connect , enter the key code and you have access , it " should " be the same for the laptop , unless they have done something to the access point to cripple it , only time will tell .....


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