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  dave84 11:59 28 Feb 2009

I currently have my Virgin connection set-up via a wired connection. Want to move my PC to my bedroom so require a router (so can link up PS3 onto it via wored connection).
I have a couple of Belkin USB adaptors that were used with an ADSL router so:

1: Do I need to purchase a new connector, or will the current ones work with a new Cable router?

2: What would you recommend? I've seen this from PC World - click here=

I don't normally buy from them but it seems like an ok deal - what do you think?
Usage wise - I will be downloading and have the Virgin 10MB capacity.

Thanks for any help.

  Strawballs 12:25 28 Feb 2009

"I have a couple of Belkin USB adaptors that were used with an ADSL router" if you meen USB wireless adapters then yes they will work.

You won't need a 127meg router with a 10meg connection (unless you are going for future proof) as a 56meg one will work fine with that.

click here

  Tech Guy 16:33 28 Feb 2009

Yes that router is fine for when you upgrade the USB adapters to N too.

I have always advised to get the best you can afford at the time. If you are going to buy a router you may as spend a little extra and get a N, then upgrade the wireless adapters when you have the money.

I can understand the common mistake in thinking a 54Mbps(g) NOT 56Mbps wirelesss connection is faster then a 10Mbps internet connection, sooooo wrong.

The way the wireless works is to use half-duplex, CSMA/CA and encryption. Also the further from the wireless station you go, the weaker the signal you get. Also each computer on wireless network shares the same bandwidth.

So take all them factors into consideration, even only 1 laptop quite near the router will only get 3-4 Mbps (if even that) from a 10Mbps internet connection using a 54Mbps(g) wireless connection.

If you upgrade to N you will get near wired speed for your wireles conection at a further distance from the router.

  dave84 17:52 28 Feb 2009

many thanks guys - I've gone with the following as it comes with a better adaptor than I currently have, and i'm willing to spend the bit extra to future proof it.

thanks for your help.

  Tech Guy 18:08 28 Feb 2009

N is the way forward

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