Cable modem/router

  the hick 17:50 11 Oct 2008

Just bought a Pluscom cable modem/router to use on TalkTalk, to run two PC's. Does anyone know what the VPI and VCI are for TalkTalk, also the Multiplexing Method? Anything else I should know or look out for, please? Bit puzzled reading the instructions.

  brundle 18:18 11 Oct 2008

Do you mean cable in that it's not wireless, or cable in that it is designed to connect to a cable modem? If the latter, you have the wrong kit. Cable broadband doesn't use VPI/VCI. If you actually have an ADSL modem/router, VPI/VCI is 0,38, multiplexing VC-Based.

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  the hick 15:37 12 Oct 2008

Brundle, thanks for reply, yes its wired router. On my PC, now have message, 'limited or no connectivity'. Its working OK on the second PC connected to the modem/router, but not the one which was connected originally, by TalkTalk broadband. I seem to have lost the link to modem from it, although icon indicates 100 Mbps, same as the PC that can access broadband. The error message says, 'the network did not assign a network address to this computer'. I am a bit stuck! Any help much appreciated!

  brundle 15:45 12 Oct 2008

Ensure DHCP is enabled on both computers. Assuming XP, though Vista is much the same.

# Double-click on the Local Area Connection icon (Control Panel/Network Connections), and select Properties.
# In the Connect Using box, your Ethernet card should be listed.
# In the box labeled "This connection uses the following items:", you should see Client For Microsoft Networks and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) listed with check marks in the boxes to the left.
# Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the list and select Properities.
# Select Obtain an IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically. Click OK.
# Close all windows

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  the hick 16:06 12 Oct 2008

brundle, tried that, still the same. I'm most perplexed.

  the hick 16:23 12 Oct 2008

just noticed, in 'Network Connections', it has 'Orange pay as you go' (now not used) and 'Local Area Connection' Should there be one for 'TalkTalk broadband' as well?

  brundle 16:49 12 Oct 2008

Re: Network Connections; Specific entry to TalkTalk not required now you have an ethernet connection to a router - it would appear there for an ADSL modem set up which simulates dial-up for authentication purposes. As long as you have a Local Area Connection (and you do).

"network did not assign a network address to this computer" is down to DHCP or lack of it. Go to start menu/run, type


Press return.

Ensure DHCPClient service is started and set to Auto.

Does your problem machine work if you disconnect both and only plug the non-working one in again?
Have you tried swapping the cables between PCs?

  the hick 20:40 12 Oct 2008

brundle, hello again, checked the DHCP, its ok. No change on shutting-down the second PC, or on swapping cables. Very strange. The second PC is fine on the internet, so I presume that settings in the new AR-7200 modem/router must be ok. Seems to be fault in the first PC.

  brundle 20:42 12 Oct 2008

Have you used the ethernet port successfully on that machine before?
Is the driver installed for the network adapter?

  the hick 20:45 12 Oct 2008

brundle, thankyou for swift reply, yes, that port has been used on the original talktalk modem. What is the 'network adapter', dont think I have seen this mentioned before.

  brundle 20:49 12 Oct 2008

I just mean the network interface on your machine. Have you got TalkTalk's Connect&Go software installed? What happens if you right click the Local Area Connection and select Repair?

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