cable modem upgrade win 98 to xp

  frior-one 16:09 01 Mar 2006

hello. i am helping someone upgrade from from a pc running win 98(se) to a new xp home(sp2) one. all is ok except for his cable modem (isp blueyonder). the system is randomly shutting down and re-booting. fault identified to modem drivers. downloaded new drivers but cant install them. when i point the driver upgrade routine to the correct folder on an external drive the system says that no driver files were found.
modem is wordstar 100-200 series.
any pointers please

  Stuartli 16:12 01 Mar 2006

If it's a USB modem you probably need to install the drivers first and connect the modem when advised.

  frior-one 16:27 01 Mar 2006

agree, but would that explain the system not "recognizing" the un-zipped driver files?.
also should i un install the old drivers first then what happens if it cant find the new ones will roll back work automatically?

  mgmcc 17:14 01 Mar 2006

If you are using a new PC with Blueyonder cable, why are you trying to connect with USB instead of ethernet?

Ethernet requires no software installation - simply plug in and you are online. Power off the Cable Modem for a couple of minutes (this is important for it to release the old connection and recognise a new one). Connect an ethernet cable between the modem and the PC's network adapter. Power on the Cable Modem and wait for it to get its four steady lights, then boot the PC and it should be online.

  frior-one 09:14 02 Mar 2006

mgmcc, thank you for that I did not know that was possible.
Is it a given that the modem will have an ethernet connection? As the modem is not mine I am not familiar with its connection options. I will try and track its spec down as well. It is a wordstar 100-200 series i think from scientific atlantic(?)

  mgmcc 09:23 02 Mar 2006

As far as I'm aware, all Telewest Cable Modems support an ethernet connection, although mine and the others I've seen are all actually Motorola devices.

  frior-one 11:06 02 Mar 2006

if i can connct the modem up to the network port, forgive what my be a silly question (i have bt b/b at home) do i have to set up any login details anywhere? new network connection maybe?

  frior-one 11:07 02 Mar 2006

ethernet - same as 10/100 cable yes?

  mgmcc 12:45 02 Mar 2006

<<< do i have to set up any login details anywhere? new network connection maybe? >>>

No, there is absolutely nothing to set up. If the Cable Modem is "online" and the PC is connected to it by ethernet, as soon as the PC is booted it is connected to the internet.

Unlike ADSL, which needs to run a PPPoA "dialup" to connect to the ISP using a Username/Password, with Cable you are accessing a network that is already active. In effect it is no different from plugging an ethernet cable into a Local Area Network, it just happens to be the Internet which is the network. It really is as simple as that.

<<< ethernet - same as 10/100 cable yes? >>>

Yes, the connection between PC and modem uses a standard CAT5 (category 5) 10/100Mbps network cable.

  frior-one 13:51 02 Mar 2006

many thanks mgmcc,
went round to his house at lunch time armed with a cable. shut down the modem. shutdown the pc.
connected up the cable. switched on both. connected to to the internet. easy when you know how!
many thanks once agin.

  frior-one 13:51 02 Mar 2006

call closed

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