Cable Modem Problems

  immer 09:44 24 Sep 2004

I use NTL cable. Since service pack 2 my cable modem software goes ape each time I shutdown, so I'm writing to you oldstyle phoneline56k. Is anyone else having these problems & what can we do. (seems to wipe out ethernet prog on shutdown because even when its ok before , its lost on restart so far as I can see...

  JonnyTub 09:49 24 Sep 2004

what is ntl's response to this ?

  billyliv 12:12 24 Sep 2004

Hi, I have SP2 and NTL cable broadband with no problems (My modem is the Terayon 210). Try a system restore point before SP2 was installed and see what happens. Cheers, Bill

  JonnyTub 12:17 24 Sep 2004

hi immer, seen as you emailed me with a response rather than in the forum i will let others know how you got on. Immer mailed me saying that he had just had a power cut and when the power came back on all was fine, this kinda points the problem at the modem needing to be reset (as was done when the power cut hit) and so i advised immer to reset his/her modem should the problem arise again.

One more point immer is that if this is a common occurance then i would consider asking for a replacement modem incase it's faulty.

  SEASHANTY 15:23 24 Sep 2004

NTL cable 750k BB with NTL standalone cable modem
which is ntl:home (this is made by AMBIT). Two PC's connected to the cable modem by the Linksys wired
router BEFSR41 which is 4 port with switch. Both
PC's have been updated with SP2 for XP Home and no
problems encountered. Some info on the cable modems
used by NTL, possibly rebadged
click here

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