cable modem nightmare

  Jarders 06:19 22 Mar 2008


I am having a problem with my internet that I cannot get to the bottom of.

Yesterday I had a set-top box installed to upgrade my cable TV package, and the engineer, rather than switch off my cable modem first, simply unplugged the cable feed from the back and then re-wired the system to add in the set-top box. This has mucked up my internet connection.

The set - up is as follows:

cable feed > splitter > (1) to set top box
(2) to modem > ethernet cable to PC
my PC runs Vista home premium.
The connection (LAN) to the modem is fine but it says there is no connection to the internet. When I try and use windows to repair it it says "automatically assign IP settings" so i click this but it doesnt work.
Last night i powered everything off (box, modem and PC) overnight but when I switched it on this morning it was still not working.
It seems that by interupting my connection to install the box it has stopped my internet connection altogether (the TV is fine). How can I solve this? The ISP (tbroad) website is all in Korean which i can't understand, and helplines are impossible! Please help me!

  setecio 11:06 22 Mar 2008

One thing that springs to mind is the new MAC address of the new box and how that may affect things ?

tbroad .. is this in the UK? I thought Virgin were now the only cable suppliers.

  Jarders 04:05 24 Mar 2008

thanks for the response setecio,

No i'm not in the UK im living in South Korea for a year teaching english. Tbroad are a cable TV/internet supplier over here.

I don't know much about MAC codes but i guess if the set-top box has its own MAC code (does it?) then that could be a problem because the modem will only recognise one computer on any connection is that right?

but I powered down everything overnight and then switched back on only the modem and my PC and it still didnt work.
couple of other bits of info :
my IP address and DNS server on IPv4 are listed as or something like that, which I am sure is not right.

any more suggestions gladly received!

  Strawballs 16:09 24 Mar 2008

When you switched it all back on did you switch modem first leave about 10min's then the PC, you will have to re-register your PC with them and the STB should not make any difference to the internet. I have the same setup as you as I recently had the V+ box installed and as it does not have built in modem as former STB they had to install seperate modem and the first thing I had to do was log onto ISP site and re-register.

  Jarders 13:36 25 Mar 2008

managed to get a Tbroad engineer round this morning......after much sign language and garbled Korean/English from both sides he established that it was the modem itself that wasnt working, so he replaced it and everything is OK.
many thanks to all that posted

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