cable modem connections after reinstallation of xp

  Fatsia japonica 09:50 29 Jan 2003

Hi all, due to a misbehaving computer (XP home) I am about to embark on a reinstallation, I have backed up all important stuff to both cd's and second hard drive, my question is this will my cable modem work after the reinstall or will I have to get Blueyonder to reinstall it all again, its the one thing that I need most and I couldnt afford to be without it (even for getting help from you people, thanks in advance.

  jazzypop 10:32 29 Jan 2003

Absolutely no reason why it shouldn't work.

You may need to enter some basic setup information again after reinstallation. See the excellent advice at click here , especially the network setup and troubleshooting sections. There are also links to Telewest's online setup guides.

It would be sensible to print off the important sections before reinstallation.

  Legolas 10:41 29 Jan 2003

I agree with jazzypop If there is one thing XP is good at it is installing generic drivers for things like printers and modems. I have done the task you are about to embark on in more than one occasion and as jazzypop says you will probably need to enter personal details again when you set up your connection but the modem itself will probably be installed by XP.

  Fatsia japonica 07:00 30 Jan 2003

Thanx for your help people, sorry took me so long to get back to this thread, you have given me the confidence to give it a try.

Thanx again.

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