Cable Internet. Need to go wireless. HELP?!

  JJ_17 02:29 19 Jun 2008

I have a cable broadband connection, and want to go wireless. i have a netgear wireless router but not sure how to connect. HELP


  L8-tian 15:03 19 Jun 2008

Hi JJ_17
could you please mention the model number of the netgear router. So that i can give step by step instruction according to the model number.

Thank you

  L8-tian 15:06 19 Jun 2008

Also mention the version of windows(xpor vista) in laptops.

  dawood 15:33 19 Jun 2008

Take a look on this wireless network setup tutorial -> click here

Although Linksys wireless router was used on the tutorial, but the configuration concept is the same. Hope it can help you to bring up your wireless network soon.

  L8-tian 15:59 19 Jun 2008

The steps to configure the netgear wireless settings.

STEP1:connect PC to the router via cable.
STEP2:check the ip address for the PC by clicking on start and go to run.
--type in CMD and say ok.
--on the black screen type in IPconfig and press enter.
--for netgear router, it give ip address and default gateway is
STEP3:open the internet explore window and type in on the address bar, and press enter.
STEP4:enter the username as admin and password is password in lower case and say ok.
STEP5:you can find small blue screen, In that click on "wireless settings" under "setup" category.
STEP6:In wirless settings screen, you can find ssid:enter your first name there.
mode:G and b
security options, select WEP.

Authentication type:automatic.
Encryption strength:64 bit.

passphrase:(leave it blank).
In key1:enter any 10 numbers you like and click apply.

once you done with this, go to laptop and scan for wireless networks, it will show up your name. connect to it with the key(10 numbers entered in key1).

hope this helps u.:-)

  fdswert 10:05 21 Jun 2008

Good tutotial, Thanks!

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