Cable broadband, xp on standby and firewall

  cdb 16:48 17 Feb 2003

When you log into xp it starts all the programs and when you log out it shuts them down. When you're logged out is the firewall still doing it's job or is it shut down too? ie can anyone hack into your machine under these circumstances on cable broadband?

  cdb 22:48 17 Feb 2003


  VoG™ 23:07 17 Feb 2003

A very good question.

I assume not since nothing is running.

  KrySTaL-KoDE 00:02 18 Feb 2003

That's a really good question there


I'm no security expert, but this is what I think:

If you've enabled Fast User Switching on XP and you switch users, everything is still running at large there, just as if you've left it turned on. It's like locking the computer in Windows 2000.

If you've completely logged out, the firewall that's running on your account is shut down along with all other programs. Network connections are closed as well, so you're offline and safe.

I really apologise if I'm wrong here, since I'm just another end user. If i'm wrong, please someone correct me.

  powerless 00:36 18 Feb 2003

When you first turn on your computer all off the programs you have selected to run will run, plus all the other windows processes.

When you connect to the internet your open a door. The firewall will block and allow traffic to pass through the door.

When you log off your internet connection is automatically disconnected by windows therfore you close the door. So no trafiic regardless of firewall, cannot pass through.

When you log out the internet connection is not active, you are not connected to the internet.

"can anyone hack into your machine under these circumstances on cable broadband?" - Nope

If they could Windows would not be very good.

  accord 08:30 18 Feb 2003

The lights on my cable modem are still flashing and dancing around even with computer turned off as the modem still has power to it and the cable connected. that tells me that the modem is still active.

  mikeyb59 08:49 18 Feb 2003

The modem is always active (as is mine) however if your pc is turned off it has nothing to link to - hence, no problem!

  vaughan007 08:51 18 Feb 2003

The modem is still connecton is not. This is because your modem is still communicating with your service provider. Just your PC is not communicating with your modem (as your computer is switched off).

Just the way cable modems work.

  cdb 18:37 18 Feb 2003

Are you definately disconnected from the web with an always on cable connection? I know I was with the BT ADSL connection.

  accord 19:22 18 Feb 2003

from the comment above, it seems that you are only disconnected from the web with a cable modem if the computer is off. I can confirm this as if my pc is on but with no windows open (eg: IE or OE) then I still get alerts via my firewall.

  calwyn 10:00 19 Feb 2003

Surely, if you are logged off, but your machine is still powered up, then there is a risk.
When using a peer 2 peer network, and sharing printers and drive space, the resources are still available, so whats the difference . . .?

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