Cable broadband shorter cable connection

  lilythepink 17:03 01 Sep 2007

Can anyone tell me how I shorten the cable on my virgin media broadband. I went to Maplin were the guy said that probably Virgin used their own brand connectors and cable, so if I tried to cut it and reconnect it, it wouldn't work. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  ambra4 17:12 01 Sep 2007

I don't thing you should shorten the cable as if any thing go wrong virgin can say it your fault that the system not working

Just wrap it up and use a cable tie to secure close to modem

  lilythepink 17:18 01 Sep 2007

Do you think that you can buy a cable from Virgin?

  Strawballs 22:27 03 Sep 2007

Which cable do you need? the one from the box on the wall to the modem or STB whichever you use.

  lilythepink 22:29 03 Sep 2007

the one from the box on the wall to the modem, there seems to be a very small square thing on the connection to the modem....

  Strawballs 22:40 03 Sep 2007

How short do you need it because argos sell a madeup one that is 10metres long which I used to extend mine and it works fine the cable looks like a coaxial and has a screw fitting on both ends.

When I had my cable installed I had 2 boxes (back in the days of nynex) and I already had a coaxial lead running through a conduite in the wall to upstairs and the just used that cable and put a screw fitting on each end, you can buy those fittings from electrical shops such as electrotrade.

  lilythepink 22:46 03 Sep 2007

Quite short, just a yard or two, in old style. Can I just tweak the connection off, as Maplin said it might be dangerous as VIRGIN might say I was fiddling with the cable. Can you give me the reference number in Argos, so I can have a look? Thanks

  Strawballs 02:30 04 Sep 2007

click here or you could buy a smaller length of coaxial and a couple of the screw connectors click here

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