Cable Broadband set up..but no Security!

  Chrisann 16:02 30 Oct 2006

At the weekend my new comp will be set up on Cable Broadband..but as it is not yet on the internet I haven't got any Security on it...I am going to have the Free AVG set up like I have on this comp..

My question is that once connected to the internet I then will find the free security and start downloading it. Am I vulnerable at this time....and really there is nothing I can do before then is there.?


  FreeCell 16:09 30 Oct 2006

Download the AVG setup file on the old computer and then transfer it to the new and run it to install. When you connect new computer to internet it will download the latest virus data file. Window of exposure then very small.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:10 30 Oct 2006

If you have a PC connected to the net, why not download the software to CD and install it?

Having said that, I install windows, connect to the net, install updates, AV and security programs and have never had a problem.

  johndrew 16:13 30 Oct 2006

In short, yes you will be.

However, if you make your first ports of call

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

and only download from each site, you should be fairly safe.

The other option would be to search your back issues of PCA CD/DVDs for most of these, install and then go online to update. Of course you should have Windows Firewall running as well.

  Chrisann 13:45 31 Oct 2006

I have placed a copy of Avast on the new comp ready.


  Chrisann 13:34 01 Nov 2006

Thank you..So are you saying that as well as Avast which I have placed on the comp I need all of these others as well. They don't conflict with each other then.?


  johndrew 13:57 01 Nov 2006

If you have Avast, which is anti-virus you do not need AVG. Having more than one anti-virus program running can cause a lot of hassle as they conflict.

For the others, which are `anti-malware` (spyware etc.), no single program will pick up everything so I would recommend Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, a-squared Free, SpywareBlaster and possibly SpywareGuard click here .

My preference for a Firewall is Kerio click here . The Personal version gives you a full program for a month and then reverts to the free version which is (in my opinion) better than the XP firewall as it looks at outgoing as well as incoming data. Others prefer other firewalls like ZoneAlarm; it`s your choice.

All the above are free, can be downloaded from the links and must be kept up to date to afford protection - the same is true of Avast.

If you scroll to the bottom of this link, there is a lot of good advice that I was given when I thought I had a problem recently. DO NOT try the corrective actions given to me they could cause problems for you, but the second to last post is a mine of information.

Be safe.

  johndrew 13:59 01 Nov 2006

Would have helped if I had put the link in!!!

click here

  stylehurst 14:00 01 Nov 2006

In addition to Avast which is an anti-virus, it is essential to have a firewall, such as zone alarm or kerio and a malware/spyware detector such as Windows defender.

  brundle 14:05 01 Nov 2006

get all you need from one site; filehippo click here
something to note is that installing kerio in Basic mode (as opposed to advanced) means it will only check incoming traffic; better than Windows firewall but select Advanced for the best protection

  Chrisann 15:18 01 Nov 2006

Wow...Thanks so much...The info on here is brilliant... Will get sorted now.!


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