Cable B/B? IS IT possible here in the Country???

  AngeTheHippy 11:48 25 May 2008

Morning Chaps,
Now I've just heard something interesting... Here in rural Lincolnshire, our village can only obtain 512mb - or at a pinch(then not for ALL of the village!!) 1mg connection.

New neighbours left London where they had Cable-everything. When disconnecting to move here, the Cable engineer on learning that BB in this village was so poor and no Cable alternative said the following:: 'you did NOT hear this from me, but by LAW it needs just 15 households to apply for Cable and we (or any other supplier) are OBLIGED to provide it'.

Are there any Experts/Cable Engineers/People WHO KNOW whether this is correct please? I'd be more than a little interested to know!!

I find it utterly galling that the likes of Bournemouth will soon be able to receive up to 100mb when we're stuck on dial-up of 1mb max!!

Please, if anyone knows the law/can confirm whether this is correct, I'd be interested to know.

Thanks loads,


  MAT ALAN 11:57 25 May 2008

Best thing to do is to get people to register their interest in B/B if enough people are interested i am sure the cable company in question would consider upgrading your exchange...

click here

link doesn't really help, but it shows you are not on your own...

  birdface 11:59 25 May 2008

Not sure about cable.What about a Mobile connection.Would you not get better speeds with that.Or are you in a bad mobile connection area as well.

  jack 12:04 25 May 2008

Much of my town was dug up and ducts laid for cabling- and some areas were cabled . However it stopped suddenly 100 metres from by house 10 or more years ago and as far as i can tell no cable was put in the empty ducts - the company wend bust it seems.- Yet a new development up the road on another site is fully cabled
How did that come about?

  MAT ALAN 12:06 25 May 2008


  AngeTheHippy 12:11 25 May 2008

MAT ALAN - I don't think upgrading the exchange is the answer - cable is CABLE (in this case) and needs laying underground as suggested in Jack's post above.

Trust me Buteman, the other around here will NOT get on with mobile connection...

The quote from that Engineer suggesting a min. of 15 people has got me very interested though..


  MAT ALAN 12:20 25 May 2008

OOOPS!! sorry i'm sure you know what i meant, good luck anyway....

  jack 16:43 25 May 2008

How far from the nearest hub?
How much do you think is cost per Km to dig an lay
my guess £.5 ml
How many people in the area would take it up?
Cable is an urban thing.

  pj123 16:53 25 May 2008

I doubt it very much.

My niece lives quite a way out in the sticks. She would like cable BB.

She could, possibly, get about 15 households to apply/register for Cable but the cable company would have to lay at least 3 miles of cable supplying no-one before they get to the first house. I don't think any cable company is going to do that.

  Daveboy 16:59 25 May 2008

I dont think there are any statutary enforcements on cable companies to provide service (unlike BT), as stated it costs a small fortune to provide so a minimum of 15 subscribers would be totally uneconomic, unless you're happy to stump up £1,000 a month for a contracted 5 years !!

  AngeTheHippy 19:21 25 May 2008

Hello Jack, I live at the end of the village NEAREST to our local exchange. According to BT, they think I'm lucky to get ANYTHING above 256mb connection, but last year they did some upgrade at the exchange and some people in the village get just under 1mb. What confused me is, our exchange is something like 7 miles from us - HOWEVER, in the opposite direction is the other exchange and that's less than 3 miles away!

Hello pj123 and Daveboy, I don't think I'd have a prob getting 15 people but as Jack stated, it'd be sooo expensive to lay that cabling. The info I have must have been wrong obviously.

So Daveboy, you mention statutary enforcement of BT to supply service - that could well be so, just a great shame they can't treat ALL of their customers equally, instead of blatantly ignoring us country bumpkins pleading with them to get their acts together.

In this area, they upgraded all the red phone boxes a couple of years back to the all-singing-all-dancing types, you know the ones, you can email, text, surf AND make phone calls from them... REGARDLESS of the fact very many members of the population have mobile phones and a good many of them text. What do I read in this weeks edition of the local papers? BT ARE TO SCRAP RED PHONE BOXES BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT PROFITABLE. I think we ALL could have told them that....



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