CAB file pause

  PC Advice Sir 19:23 10 Feb 2004

I recently purchased a new PC with eTrust antivirus software installed, and I was hoping to continue with the softaware after expiry of the trial.

I have updated and scanned my PC with the antivirus but it does not scan beyond
D:\MSOCache\all users\90000409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9\X2561401.CAB

It just seems to hang at that point! When I exit from this point I am told that it is STILL scanning, and I am asked if I wish to abort the scan? Aborting takes several attempts by choosing the exit option. This can't be right.

Would it be safe to delete this file? is it a virus or corrupted file? Sounds technically beyond my depth.

Can anyone offer me any advice to deal with this?

  JIM 20:44 10 Feb 2004

it's a large file to virus scan if im right with the info.

If you want to remove the Msocache folder, you can do this during Office Setup, or after Office has been installed. Removing these files will save approximately 270 megabytes (MB) of hard disk space. After you remove the Msocache folder, you may have to provide the installation media to complete the Setup operations that are listed earlier.

Note The MSOCACHE folder is not always located on the disk drive with the most free space. If your computer has an NTFS drive with at least 1.5 GB of free space, the MSOCACHE folder will be located on that NTFS drive.
Remove Msocache Folder During Setup
During Office 2003 Setup, on the Setup Completed page, click to select the Delete installation files check box, and then click Finish.

Would read the rest at,

click here

  PC Advice Sir 21:29 10 Feb 2004

Thanks for your response Jim, but when I followed the DISK CLEANUP procedure from your link it did not display any OFFICE SETUP FILES or MSOCACHE to delete - my cleanup scan only checks against TEMPORY INTERNET FILES for deletion???....any elaboration on that?

  JIM 22:24 10 Feb 2004

Sorry hope i have not mis-led,was guessing that you had Office 2003 installed from part of your thread(D:\MSOCache\all users)

Basically,saying that the file was not a virus which i thought may be the main issue.

Poss, the anti-virus program was still actively working away on the large MSOCache file "if" you have office 2003 installed.
It may appear that it is hanging? (guessing again :)

I looked for the file/folder on my system but i only run office xp ver/10 so no "MSOCache" file/folder to find or help you with. Only posted the link thinking it may be of some use.

If you do have office 2003 the repair in add/remove programs i believe may give you options for what-ever you want to do with the files.

Sorry if not much help.

  PC Advice Sir 07:43 11 Feb 2004

Thanks again for your feedback. I aborted the Office 2003 install as it was taking so long, and I no longer have the disk, so I just have my older Office 97 back on it again. I scanned MSOCache again to investigate but it just did the same thing - reaching and pausing over the "X2561401.CAB" file takes longer than to virus scan than the rest of my 160Gb hard drive.

The X2561401.CAB file is on my "D" (backup)drive, does that mean anything?

  JIM 12:11 11 Feb 2004

as far as the installation went yes.Though the Cab file would be a backup for the office 2003,

click here

you do not require OFFICE 2003?

You don't seem to have many options.If you locate the MSOCACHE folder/X2561401.CAB file and delete it to the recycle Bin,leave it there for a few days and see how it goes.(thats if the recycle Bin accepts the file)

Try a full rescan with your antivirus when Folder/Cab is deleted and see how it goes.

  PC Advice Sir 19:09 11 Feb 2004

I took your advice Jim (Thank you again) and deleted it to the recycle bin...when I opened the recycle bin it took ages trying to open/show that darn file with that animated torch thing - It took so long to load the file I aborted, and it locked-up on me. A subsequent virus scan of my "D" drive whizzed through with ease...makes me think that file was corrupted! I would have used SFC (if on Win98) but apparently there is no form of SFC for XP - why not? I wonder.


  JIM 19:21 11 Feb 2004

Go to start, run.and type in as shown BELOW with space.

Have your winxp cd rom ready to be inserted when asked.When finished there will be no message so wait till there is no disk Activity and the desktop is as normal.


  PC Advice Sir 19:28 11 Feb 2004

Jim, I don't have a winxp cd rom - only the recovery disk that the PC came with :(
Is that no good?


  JIM 19:32 11 Feb 2004

that just what you need,so go ahead when you need to use it "recovery disk "

  PC Advice Sir 19:43 11 Feb 2004

Appreciation again Jim... I ran that SFC /SCANNOW while online here - I got a progress bar from start to finish - but with no conclusion to the scan, what is the point of that, or is that good? :-S
Sorry to be a nuisance

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