CA eTrust anti-virus

  2Gullible 20:19 07 Jun 2007

On May 18 I purchased Mcafee Internet Security Suite, yet I've had problems installing it. I was prompted to remove CA eTrust antivirus, which I believe I had done successfully via my control panel, yet when trying to install the main three parts of the new Mcafee program (Virus Scan, Privacy Service & Spam Killer) I'm told I still have CA eTrust antivirus on system - despite several log ons/offs (sum total of my computer knowledge!). Any safe solutions? McAfee virtual technician said 'try CA', but that doesn't seem an easy option. As a result, currently living in fear of viruses/corruption/armageddon etc. Any help would be most appreciated.

  VoG II 20:24 07 Jun 2007

You could try click here to make eTrust appear not to be installed, then try installing McAfee again.

  postie24 20:28 07 Jun 2007
  chocolate cake 22:16 07 Jun 2007

The other alternative is to contact CA direct and ask them for a solution. It may take a couple of days.

On the plus side they will get back to you with a solution and you have the chance to reply to theirs if the solution fails to escalate the issue.
click here

  2Gullible 19:42 10 Jun 2007

Cheers to those who have suggested solutions. I've made note of the first two, but I'm waiting for a response from CA first - as per the third suggestion. Fingers crossed, and thanks again.

  chocolate cake 16:16 24 Jun 2007

Any news Gullible?

  2Gullible 16:26 24 Jun 2007

Absolutely none, I'm afraid, Cakey. I'm now toying between trying McAfee again (no joy last time, as previously mentioned), or working out if any of the other two suggestions work for me.

  2Gullible 18:00 24 Jun 2007

Thanks to Choc Cake for her inquiry. That made me consider the other two suggestions (having had no response from the CA people & no positive McAfee suggestions). As a result, thanks are in order to VoG, whose method was a proven winner (fingers crossed!). I removed a CA link found via start/programs/ windows installer clean up facility & re-installed ... successfully. I now have McAfee up and running, and two trojans already removed! Many thanks again to VoG and all who attempted to help this here technophobe. Cheers!

  chocolate cake 19:13 24 Jun 2007

Great news Gullible. Careful about that gender issue though.

  wildrover 22:48 02 Feb 2008

Vog - Well done! Your tip worked when McAfee help and other forums fell! Great stuff. Wish I had looked here first!!

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