CA ARCserve backup

  wfulton_2121 21:51 28 Jul 2010

iv got an issue with ca arcserve backup!

for two nights in a row i have had a failed backup!

when i go into job status i can see loads of chineese writing and symbols next to the failed jobs in the description!

When i click the failed job the arcserv manager just closes!!!!

iv restarted all the engines and exited and re executed arcserv manager.

Backups still failing and closing when i click failed job in job status.

any suggestions please?

  giljo03 16:39 29 Jul 2010

Unfortunately, more information is needed before any suggestions can be made.

1) What version of ARCserve are you running with service pack level and any patches that may have been applied?

2) What OS is ARCserve running on with service pack level?

3) Are the characters really Chinese or are they garbage characters (extended ascii text and non-displayable text)?

Depending on the version of ARCserve you are running, you may have a Brightstor.log file, have you look in the files to see why the jobs are failing? If you you don't have a brightstor.log, you can check the job logs instead, but outside the manager.

The Manager is getting a GP (General protection fault) and closing. There is a file in the manager's home directory called arcserve.log that contains GP information, you can also check here for information.

The most common reason for a GP when you click on the jobs in the queue is a corrupted job file or a corrupted job queue. The most common solution is to simply delete the queue and allow ARCserve to recreate it. If you have previously saved your jobs as scripts you can resubmit them, if not, you will have to recreate them.

Assuming you are running on a windows platform.

1) Run cstop to stop all the ARCserve services.
2) Delete or move the directory 00000001.qsd under the ARCserve home directory, this is the queue directory.
3) Run cstart, this will start the ARCserve services and make a new queue.

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