C: prompt for fdisk/load win

  landerond 10:32 30 Oct 2006

The hdd had 2000(NTFS) on, wiped, formated to FAT32 ,have all start floppies and o/s system discs from Win 3.11 to XP, nothing will get me "a" prompt get fdisk and to load my ME which I use extensively for testing my hardware etc,I have reinstalled 2000 ( which is the only start up disc it will recognise) but of course the "a: prompt does not allow to format the system in use

Recommendations please

  mgmcc 12:47 30 Oct 2006

I don't understand the question.

If you boot with a "boot floppy", you will get an A:\> prompt from which you can run the FDISK and FORMAT commands from the floppy. (A Windows 98 floppy is more 'complete' than a Windows ME one.)

However, you seem to have got past that stage. If you boot with the floppy using the option to have CD-ROM support, you should be able to change the prompt from A:\> to that of the CD drive (temporarily displaced by one letter, so D normally will now be E). Then run Setup.exe from the E:\> prompt.

  Totally-braindead 12:48 30 Oct 2006

Not quite sure whats going on here and can only tell you what I did with Windows 98 on a drive that previously had XP on it.
Started with win98 floppy on a drive. Typed FDISK, created a primary DOS partition and then formatted. This then allowed me when I restarted from the floppy to load it with CDROM support and then reload windows 98.
Think I got that the right way round its been a while.

  landerond 14:09 30 Oct 2006

Have formated & reloaded 100,s of times via the recognised :a: plus CD "setup", which of course does not work if there any NTFS files on the drive at all, however small the partition
My problem is I cannot get into fdisk to have a look and remove the partition as all my boot floppies and system discs comes up with "invalid system disc

  Technotiger 14:17 30 Oct 2006

invalid system disk - most likely means that although you are trying to start using a floppy, the bios is still set to start from CD.


  Diemmess 14:25 30 Oct 2006

<Have formated & reloaded 100,s of times> ?

You mention loading/installing in the same breath when really they are different things?
You want ME because you use it as a test bed.
You have installed 2K.
You cannot get into FDISK.

Please say what is in front of you now?
Have you actually got any Windows system at the moment which is running satisfactorily and will boot up when switched on?

If you can say exactly what you have running and where you want to go, this is the right place for to help you.

  landerond 14:57 30 Oct 2006

Am using alternative machine

!) the only system disc the HDD will see is 2000
I reload with 2000, format on the way in with FAT32 required for ME files no problem.

2) The MS-DOS "a" prompt inside 2000 a)does not allow one to format "c" b)FDISK is not an option in NT 2000 XP so one cannot see the partition scenario or delete same to be sure of deleting any NTFS files
Thanhs for support

  Diemmess 15:34 30 Oct 2006

Attempting to format or FDISK from within any version of windows will not happen because it would overwrite the existing OS.

To FDISK if that is what you want as a total restart, you must boot from a floppy. Preferably a 98 floppy.

You can only boot from the floppy if you have first made sure in the BIOS that the "1st Boot Device is a floppy."

While you are in the BIOS you might as well set the 2nd Boot Device as CD.
When once windows is running you can go back to whatever arrangement suits you best.
(For me, it is Floppy first, HD second and CD third)

  landerond 16:21 30 Oct 2006

if you dont use it you,ll lose, after the profundity of diemmess, whose reply seemed to be on my level of maintenence and installation( most likley far beyond)and a look again at my BIOS which I felt pretty confident about, yes it was O.K.RETHINK, it was some thing I have,nt had for years, FLOPPY CABLE on the blink

Thanks to all who replied

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